December 4, 2007
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Look Like an EAP Pro with this Pop-open E-mail Trick that Relays Your Documents Faster with None of the Hassles

Many EAPs ask me how to send documents in e-mails without having to attach a PDF, an MS Word document, or other items that require downloading or software to make them work when the recipient of your e-mail gets it.

The magic is to make the document open with one click -- bam! But how?

I am going to show you exactly how to do it in this issue of the EAP Toolbox. This won't be boring. Instead, it is going revolutionize your EAP reach and penetration of behavioral risk by improving communication and speeding things up. It is going to reduce your stress, and it's going to make you look and feel like the real pro that you are.

Then, I am going to show you how it works. I'll make you the guinea pig at the end of this e-mail.

STEP 1: You need a Web site. Hopefully you have one. (If you don't, get cracking. It is not expensive. You can buy one and learn to manage it in one weekend.)

STEP 2: Create PDFs of your supervisor referral forms, tip sheets, EAP tools fact sheets, newsletters, surveys, outlines for corrective or disciplinary letters, whatever you have hanging around that you photocopy and send to folks.

Assign a file name like "doc001.pdf," "doc002.pdf," and so on to each one. Keep a list somewhere so you know what file name goes with what document.

If those IT people down the hallway won't give you Adobe PDF creator software, have no fear. Buy DocuDesk PDF maker for $79; it's better. Go to

STEP 3: Upload all the files you have created to your Web site. Your IT geek (I say that affectionately) should not charge more than $10 because it will take only 30 seconds.

STEP 4: You're ready. Send a practice e-mail to yourself. Every document will be a functional link and will pop open if you type it in your e-mail as follows:

A. Let's pretend your Web address is (This is not a real Web site, so forget about clicking it. Stick with me here...)

B. That means your PDF links will all be written similar to this: Note precisely how this is typed.

C. When the recipient of your e-mail clicks on the link you have typed into the body of your e-mail -- if it looks like the above with the "http://," etc. -- it will pop open like magic.

Now you can e-mail supervisor referral forms and all kinds of documents. No one will need to download a thing. They will simply launch the PDF within the link.

Just think of the possibilities! Now you can e-mail FrontLine Supervisor EAP newsletter, FrontLine Employee EAP, etc -- whatever!

E-mail me so I can send you an example of what I am talking about. I inserted code to automatically launch your e-mail program in this blog. Click the following and ask me to send you a sample e-mail. I will reply back with a link to the "Making the Holidays More Positive" fact sheet you may have received last week. (This is another chance to get it.) Ready? Click HERE!

Wait! If the link I send you in the e-mail does not work, your friends in the IT department might have disabled your computer's ability to open links. If you don't receive a reply e-mail from me at all, check your spam box -- it might be there. Okay, now click HERE!

Dedicated to Your Effective EAP,

Dan Feerst, LISW-CP, CEAP

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"For those of my colleagues who are cheapskates, like me, there is an alternative to spending $79 on DocuDesk PDF. The program I use is called CutePDF ( It's free! After creating any type of document (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) you click on "print" and select CutePDF as your "printer". You will have an option to select where you want to save the document and what to name it. Works great and you can't beat the price!"

Holger Caban, LMFT,
Solution Resources EAP

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