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Multiple formats are available. Choose PowerPoint for stand-up presentations or the narrated and animated DVD of the PowerPoint program for large groups. Choose the Web course format--an interactive CD which can stand alone and be used with any computer, or be placed on your Web site for 24/ access by employees. It's perfect for serving the hard-to-reach and the "out in the field" employees.
Professional Stress Management PowerPoint Presentation in Sound-Show and Non-Sound Training Formats, Including Easy-Use Script 

77 Frames, 33 Minutes, Editable with Sound, and available in five training media formats.

Get a tool to help employees zap head-pounding, stomach-churning, and mind-imploding stress.

Welcome to PowerPoint Stress Management Program for the 21st Century Workplace

What's your company or employee assistance program doing about stress? It's mission critical, and the number one target for improving morale, increasing productivity, and reducing a string of behavioral risk exposures.

This program includes ten topics on helping employees manage stress.

Top management assumes the EAP, or other work-life program is helping employees manage stress. If you can't answer the question, "What are you doing about stress?", management may already be thinking that you are not doing enough. We give you six options to meed the goal.

With the Web Course Option, You Can Go Beyond Brown-Bag PPT Presentation

Don't just settle for the brown-bag seminars you used to give, or have someone else doing it. Revolutionize your ability to reach out and support employees with the web course option--online, on your website, under your control, and with a Certificate of Completion for each learner.

Have employees thankful that the organization cares about stress.

Ten Stress Management Tips Gives Your PowerPoint Stress Presentation Extra "Kick"!
This course contains ten major areas of stress management training that all employees should know--from time management to nutrition, to checking emotions, and reducing conflict, we include the big TEN.

The stress management PPT presentations is also available on DVD (formatted from our PowerPoint Stress Show); a Web course with sign-in and Certificate of Completion; PowerPoint with Sound, a "go-anywhere-CD" of a Flash program that will play in a computer, or the Flash files (create a button on your Web site that will launch the program instantly).

You can also choose the no sound, manual PowerPoint stress program for live training, especially if being visible to your employees and showing yourself as the company expert is critical to your program's mission and survivability.

This program is completely editable so you can add your own material and expertise. Just click "duplicate slide" and add images, text, and your own expertise.

Tackle the Right Issues with Your PowerPoint Stress Presentation
This stress management course tackles ten key stress issues employees face from diet and exercise to communication and relationships. With the EAP version, employees are encouraged to contact the EAP if they are struggling with any particular stress issue.

Try the Web Course
As mentioned, when you purchase the web course option, we will place your company's logo on the front page of the course if you like--free--at your request (phone 1-800-626-4327 for the free logo imprint option). You will get a branded look.

With the Web Course Stress Management Training (see the non-PowerPoint Stress Management Course Preview here) We will then send you a platform independent Web course. It will be already to go the second it arrives. When you slip the CD into your computer it will run exactly as it does on your Web site so you can preview it. Keep it or return it (we always send return postage with previews.) It's that easy.

What Can this Program Do?

This program will help employees manage stress, particularly those who may never seek help on their own from the EAP or another source, an immeasurable and invaluable ability for any behavioral risk management program.

Reduce the likelihood of conduct and attitude problems from stress ... Demonstrate that the company cares about employees ... Improve morale ... Encourage employees with psychological stress to seek help ... Reduce behavioral risk ... Make help available 24 hours a day.

Imagine Having This Capability...

Hand the CD to your web technician. He or she will upload the files and create a button on your Web site. Establish a login for employees so you can protect the unauthorized use. E-mail the launch link to one employee client or a every employee in the organization, or the organizations you serve. And here's an idea: Give rewards for employees turning in the Certificate of Completion. Get every employee proactive about their health.

More Details ...
  • Includes ten stress-test awareness questions with automatic scoring and feedback about each question.
  • This is your program, you control it. You won't have "hyper-link" to somewhere else outside the organization. Everything is self-contained
  • Automatically generated Certificate of Completion with score, personalized name, and time stamp
  • Encouragement to contact the EAP at the end of each tip--and why
  • Save and return buttons for interrupted training
  • Professional and effective
  • Printable pages.
  • Completed in 30 about minutes.
  • All formats are available -- See them explained here
This program will help EAPs, HR departments, and organizational development professionals reach out to employees and help them feel better today, and have skills for managing stress tomorrow.