Multiple formats are available. Choose PowerPoint for stand-up presentations or the narrated and animated DVD of the PowerPoint program for large groups. Choose the Web course format--an interactive CD which can stand alone and be used with any computer, or be placed on your Web site for 24/ access by supervisors. It's perfect for serving hard-to-reach supervisors.
EAP Orientation
in English or Spanish
Reach Every Employee Wherever-Whenever

"Dan, the PowerPoint DVD is great—I sent it to the school district that wanted it and they are happy with it. Thanks for being so responsive to our specific needs."

RaeAnn Thomas, Director,
AEAS of Wisconsin
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You're the master of your universe with six different ways to deliver EAP Orientation from This EAP Orientation Program is the ultimate outreach tool. It will improve your EAP utilization and ensure that every employee--wherever they work, whether day or night, knows what the EAP can do them.

Purchase a second format at a discount price. This program is completely editable in MS PowerPoint. It available in Flash, a Web course, a DVD, an Autorun CD, and sound-based PowerPoint and non-sound PowerPoint formats . Since you control the content, it's a program you can truly call your own.

Count on us to tailor this program to your needs. We make it work for you even if we have to redo the voices in the program. Our goal is to help you find and reach every last employee in your organization. We know you will reduce organizational risk if you do that.
You Can't Get this Product (or the Service I Offer) Anywhere
This program introduces employees to key EAP concepts, explains confidentiality, affirms management's commitment to their well-being, discusses an extensive list of personal problems that employees can bring to the EAP, discusses every important aspect of EAP theory (not a safe harbor, non-disciplinary, no cost, etc.), discusses the definition of self-referral and supervisor referral, and encourages employees to make the call!

What can this program do for you?
  • Welcome employees to the EAP 24/7.
  • Reach employees near or far away.
  • Orient employees who miss live training.
  • Reach family members for the first time ever!
  • Cut your travel and training costs.
  • Train new hires with ease.
  • Obtain a record that an employee was trained.
  • Save time, paperwork, and your energy!
  • Get rid of "canned" and "old videos" forever.
  • Increase your utilization overnight.
Can I really put it on our Web site?
Yes. With the web course or flash formats you can easily upload it to your Web site. Hand the CD we provide to your Web technician and let him or her follow the one-sentence instructions.

More Information
  • Completed in 15 minutes
  • Hits every key point you expect in an EAP Orientation
  • With the web course, a Certificate of Completion that is automatically date stamped is printable by each learner.
  • Don't worry, if this program ever grows old
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This program will maximize the financial investment in the EAP by making sure every employee knows about it and knows how the EAP can help them. It's the perfect length--14 minutes.
Formats Available
  1. PowerPoint
  2. PowerPoint (animated/narrated)
  3. Web Course (text/graphics only)
  4. Web Course w/ Certificate (animation/sound)
  5. DVD of PowerPoint (appears like #2)
  6. Flash (for one-click launching on web site)
  7. Auto-launching CD (appears like #2)