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“FrontLine Employee has solved the daunting task of providing my small team the benefit of a customized monthly newsletter in a cost-effective way. The practical tips on work/life wellness and training are so insightful, simple, and important. Our employees are able to take ideas from this wonderful newsletter and start utilizing them immediately!” --  Meredith Rosenow, The Continental Group, Property Management

"If you complete the form on this page, I will send 15 articles in MS Word (text format) for use in your newsletter immediately. I will also include a brochure so you see how to get articles sent to you each month that are original and ready-to-use in your employee or health and productivity newsletter. Everything is editable. These articles and re-usable template are part of an employee newsletter "system" I started in 2001, which is now used by hundreds of companies nationwide. Articles help reduce stress, reduce conflicts at work, and improve wellness. My goal as a clinical social worker author with 25 years workplace experience, is to help your employees be healthy, happy, and productive. Complete the form now to get information. There is no cost or obligation. Thank you." -- Dan Feerst, MSW, LISW-CP
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The articles I will send are punchy and easy to read.  They will appeal to employees on the go. Nothing is long-winded. Every bit is completely original and appealing to employees, and delves deeper to give employee more tips and useful ideas about work-life matters.

You can edit any article. Each one is written by me or professionals I personally supervise. Articles focus on safety, environmental, family, workplace stress, customer stress and service, resolving workplace conflict, getting along with others on the job, health and wellness, goals and time management, improving the relationship with your boss, dealing with teenagers and younger children, family harmony, and personal well being.

My goal? Helping employees stay healthy, happy, and productive. What could be more important to your company?

FrontLine Employee Newsletter, DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC, 1-800-626-4327 Daniel Feerst, Publisher
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Daniel A. Feerst, MSW, LISW
Publisher and Author
Industrial Social Worker and Employee Assistance Program Consultant

I can make the monthly search for article content end. I was in your shoes looking for newsletter articles on the Internet, sometimes under deadline pressure. (Yes, on Saturdays and Sundays, probably like you.)

I finally decided to help others with a turn-key solution newsletter like I could never find. Many of my subscribers have gotten their lives back. Nowhere else can you get everything you need to solve every employee newsletter writing hassle you currently face.

When you download the articles, you will feel "instant relief" with ready to use copy. Starting now, let me take the newsletter chore off your mind! Write my name down and phone number -- Dan Feerst and my phone number -- 843-884-3632 in case you need to reach me.
I'm at my desk now. You can phone me at 1-800-626-4327 to ask questions.
Daniel Feerst, LISW, Publisher
Industrial/Occupational Social Worker
Employee Assistance Consultant
Get a $200 free gift if you let me start you with a free trial subscription. Click here to see group #1 from my collection of workplace and mental health fact sheets. There is no obligation. It's a thank you gift simply for starting a free trial subscription. It's yours to keep even if you cancel later!
"We enjoy your articles each month and I thank you. I can't say enough about the two FrontLine publications we subscribe to. We are a small company who is a provider of EAP services to small and medium companies."

Marylee Nunley, V.P. of Operations
Resource Management Services
Peoria, Illinois

Articles address common workplace behavioral concerns, wellness issues, and tips to improve and enhance worker satisfaction and career growth.
  • Bullying in the Workplace;
  • Preventing Burnout;
  • Anger at Work;
  • Heart Health in Relationships;
  • How to Be a Star Performer;
  • Caution to Prevent Violence in Health Care Jobs;
  • Stopping Smoking;
  • Financial Stress and Health Effects

 Each issue discusses common health and mental health conditions, personal goal setting, attitude change, and improve life satisfaction
  • Compulsive Shopping;
  • Making the Holidays More Positive;
  • Earth Friendly Gift Giving; Depression and Retirement;
  • Power of Gratitude;
  • Power of Delegating;
  • Sexual Harassment is More Than You Think;
  • Easy Places to Cut Spending

 More articles from recent issues
  • Building Your Immunity to Criticism;
  • Adapting to Technology;
  • Paying Attention to Positive Feedback;
  • Preventing Internet Harassment; Dealing with a Mentally Ill Family Member;
  • Overcoming Shyness;
  • Eating Right, Exercising;
  • Planning for Setbacks;
  • Using Office Politics as a Positive Force
  • Finding Answers in Self-help Groups;
  • Battling Against Sleep a No Win;
  • Developing a Safety Culture in Your Organization;
  • Avoid Illness from Work Stress;
  • About Panic Attacks;
  • Families Fighting to Fit in All the Activities;
  • Attitude Changing Secrets;
  • Nurturing Your Creative Juices
  • Getting along with a new coworker;
  • Powerful Ways to Use Your 10 Minute Break;
  • Getting a Superior Performance Rating;
  • Valuing Diversity;
  • Don't Burn Bridges If You Resign;
  • Workplace Coaching Tips for the Coached;
  • Addiction Intervention: Focus on Responsibility Not Blame;
  • National Politics: Protocols for Office Talk
  • Plugging into a Positive Mental Attitude;
  • Relationship Issues Compound Financial Stress; Parents:
  • Talk about Prescription Drug Abuse with Teens;
  • Avoiding Trigger-happy E-mails;
  • Powerfully Respectful Workplaces;
  • Sell Yourself First, Then Your Ideas;
  • Thirty Days to a New Habit--Really!?;
  • Avoiding Accidents with the Elderly
  • When Teamwork Is Not Your Thing
  • Don't Be a Perfectionist
  • Put Green Plants in Your Office;
  • National Employee Health and Fitness Day;
  • Soft Skills with Hard Returns;
  • Next Time You'll Be Assertive;
  • Planning Against Gang Recruitment;
  • Bouncing Back with Resiliency
  •   Walk for Your Health (and Your Wallet);
  • Add Power to Your Job Interview;
  • Intervening Early with Coworker Conflicts;
  • Hazards Around the House;
  • Project Management for Fun and Profit;
  • Your First Appointment with a Professional Counselor;
  • Attitude Adjustment Power

Newsletter ideas and employee newsletter samples and your escape from the drudgery of writing employee newsletters.
FrontLine Employee has None of the Work. It's
Fast, Professional, Ready to Use or Edit, Personalize, Copy, Print, or E-mail Internally!

When you order a free trial, I will send you at least two issues in the format(s) you choose. Later, you will receive an invoice for 12 issues and you can pay it or cancel by faxing it back marked "cancel", mail it back, or phone me at 1-800-626-4327. Your price is as follows: $495 under 100 employees, $695 for over 100 employees but fewer than 1000, or $995 for over 1000 employees.
The FrontLine Employee Story
An employee newsletter that's easy, simple, ready-to-go, but editable. You'll find FrontLine Employee fun and easy to read. It's simple, punchy, and powerful. We focused like a laser beam on content using our 30 years of experience in the employee assistance and work/life fields. You'll find it to be the perfect workplace wellness newsletter.

Experts Write It. You'll discover the most effective, content-driven newsletter possible with articles so unique that employees think we are reading their minds. We know what issues employees face because we've worked with employee and family issues for so long. There is virtually no human problem area  that we have not personally addressed in our  professional work.
Super-fresh Content. Articles target improved productivity, better living, "right thinking", emotional common sense, reduced stress, goal attainment, better relationships, and work/life balance. But FrontLine Employee articles also help reduce risk to the work organization. FrontLine Employee is everything you want in an employee newsletter.

We examined all the options. We examined every newsletter option available to work organizations. We then went to work to produce this publication. Frankly, that's why the U.S. Congress use to write the newsletter for its12,000 employees.
Short and sweet. To the point. FrontLine Employee is two pages, not four. That decision was purposeful. Your investment isn't wasted. The newsletter gets completely read.

Call It Your Own Newsletter. You can edit articles in FrontLine Employee, add your own articles, or save articles for future use. E-mail it, photocopy it, or print it. You can also rename the newsletter to one you like better or one your employees vote on!

Never Worry Again about Finding Content. Do you already have a newsletter for employees, but find it a pain to come up with content and article ideas? Stop the mad searches for content. Use our articles in your publication and your troubles end. We are your last stop to solve this problem. Simply choose the "text only" version of FrontLine Employee. We will then send you a MS Word document each month.


We Know What Employees Need and Want. During the year, FrontLine Employee targets 12 different personal and workplace productivity issues that we have identified as keys to boosting morale, reducing workplace risk, increasing productivity, and improving job satisfaction. They include:

  • Workplace communication: conflict, personality issues, dealing with difficult people, attitude problems, issues, and "ulterior motives" of coworkers, etc.
  • Worker productivity tips: time management, organization, setting priorities, procrastination, etc.
  • Family, home, and community issues: teenagers, family stress, conflict, work-life balance, ADHD, etc.
  • Personal fitness and emotional wellness: Exercise tips, getting more energy, depression, emotional wellness
  • Personal effectiveness and goal achievement: planning your career, getting more done, planning for retirement, New Year's resolutions, managing money
  • Team building: Tips on better meetings, reducing conflict, improving communication, about cohesiveness, being a team player, etc.
  • Improving relationships with supervisors: communication, knowing what your supervisor wants, completing assignments , making an impression
  • Hot productivity and health topics: health issues in the news, ideas, etc.
  • Stress management: ongoing tips, avoiding burnout, self-assessment,
  • [with our Employee Assistance Program version] EAP education, confidentiality, what EAPs do, when to use your EAP
  • Workplace safety tips and injury prevention: Avoiding dangerous short-cuts, injury prevention, thinking safety, building a culture of safety, how to influence peers so they think safety, too
  • Customer service: difficult attitudes, difficult customers, peak performance, staying positive, keeping customers happy, reducing your own stress, changing your thinking about customers
Experience. We've written nearly 1000 articles on the topics shown above and 850 articles alone on the supervisor's role in managing employees in our FrontLine Supervisor newsletter. Place your subscription order for above.


"We value our relationship with you and really like the newsletters."

Debra Ontiveros, Director
El Paso, TX

"Aloha, Dan – I sent out the February Frontline Employee yesterday and got a call today thanking me for the excellent articles. She wanted to know more information on one of the stories – the Pennsylvania weight loss study – and I was able to Google the information and send her the links, but she was very thankful for the information!! Thanks for helping us look good once again!"

David Mitchell

Child and Family Service - Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

"By the way, emailing these newsletters is GREAT. So easy to edit, turnaround, and send. Thanks for your help. Happy Thanksgiving."

Sue Kerner,
Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Nashua, New Hampshire


"We enjoy your articles each month and I thank you. I can't say enough about the two FrontLine publications we subscribe to. We are a small company who is a provider of EAP services to small and medium companies."

Marylee Nunley, V.P. of Operations
Resource Management Services
Peoria, Illinois


"The newsletter is a great hit with our EAP companies and their employees."

Sylvia Darlington
Network Services Centre
Michael, Barbados


"By the way, I am thrilled with the FrontLine newsletters. Excellent resource for both my supervisors and employees. Happy Thanksgiving."

Elizabeth Robinson
University of Connecticut
Farmington, CT


"After downsizing, right-sizing, or whatever, I now provide direct services to over 10,000 employees with no other EAP staff. FrontLine Employee (and FrontLine Supervisor) enable me to have some type of newsletter. It is a most valuable tool."

Ken Seaton, Civilian Employee Assistance Program Administrator
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Bremerton, Washington


"This month, October '01, your two newsletters were right on target. The FrontLine Supervisor addressed the specific issues I have been helping my customers and clients with the past month. A great reinforcement."

Keith Crochiere, Co-owner
EAP Network
Taunton, Massachusetts

"I am always one to share good products with other peoples in our Native communities and beyond. By doing so, it permits One Feather EAP as a nationwide EAP provider to serve our contracts in good ways. As an integrated piece of our programming, WorkExcel.com EAP products have been very useful to the employees, Tribes, Nations, and communities we work with and for."

Rodney Haring, Ph.D., LMSW (enrolled Seneca)
One Feather Consulting, LLC


"A great resource, especially when you need to work out a newsletter in a hurry!"

Bud Wassell
Solutions, Inc
Meriden, Connecticut


"The FrontLine Employee has been a big success for the promotion of the EAP. I have received several phone calls from employees to the EAP asking questions about the information. Keep up the good work!"

Employee Wellness Associates
Green Bay, Wisconsin


Our employees call me immediately if the FrontLine Employee is not in their office on the designated day of arrival."

Melvina MacDonald
Tallahasee Memorial Hospital
Tallahasee, Florida


 "Our companies have thoroughly enjoyed receiving the FrontLine Employee. We have had several compliments and the requests for more copies."

Carolyn Rohrig,
Lincoln, Nebraska


"After years of struggling with the newsletter arena -- a fantastic solution! We can now promote our EAP services as state-of-the-art."

Marylee Nunley
RMS, Inc.
Peoria, Illinois


"A great way to keep in tourch with employees and give them useful information. Money well spent!"

Tom McMahon
U.S. Postal Service

Omaha, Nebraska


"Thanks for your speedy reply. Your newsletters are of great value to us and our clients."

Eileen Crochiere
EAP Network
Taunton, Massachusetts

"I currently subscribe to both Frontline Newsletters and find them most beneficial."

Ken Sipes, Director
United Family Services EAP
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dan, thanks for all your help. Your products continue to make us look good.

Frank R. Horton, CEAP, President

FHA Assciates, LLC

Workplace Consulting and Counseling

 "The FrontLine Employee makes me look like a genius!! All of our client companies love the publication, please don't ever stop publishing it. I could never do it on my own."

Bill Hoey, LCSW, CEAP
Family Services Woodfield
, CT

"Thank you. We are using the newsletter and we love how it saves us time and gives our employees an interesting variety of articles."

Home Health Care Professionals, Inc.


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You need employee newsletter samples and employee newsletter ideas, right? Well, you can search Internet for weeks and have a hard time finding these things. Stop the searching and the trouble. You have arrived. In a few minute, I am going to let you download two templates and 24 ready to use articles--free, no charge.

I have been where you're at! But I have create an employee newsletter program that solves all the headaches of employee newsletters writers like you, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I have done the work. Each month, if you like, you can have your own editable newsletter for employees send directly to you a week early before the month of issues. FrontLine Employee is the name of this publication, but you can change it to anything you like.

FrontLine Employee is ready to use when you receive it by e-mail. It arrives in any format you need--PDF, MS Word, or MS Publisher. This newsletter is a work-life-productivity newsletter designed for any company, large or small, needing a health and wellness publication to help their employee remain in peak performance and resolve the mulititude of issues employees face on the job.

It's monthly and two pages because I have discovered that employees don't finish or don't completely read four-page employee newsletters. With a monthly, workplace newsletter that's two pages, your employees read 50% more content per year than a quarterly four-page newsletter. Short newsletter articles distributed more frequency don't overwhelm employees, and they create more impact and are remember more easily.

Almost all Frontline Employee articles written by me, and they are all approved by me. They are punchy, delve deeper, and content is written so employees are entertained while they learn. Subject matter is also influenced by you--the subscriber, using my exclusive employee newsletter topic suggestion "hot line".

FrontLine Employee's  focus is on helping employees, improving morale, increasing productivity, improving workplace relationships, managing stress, helping the employee assistance program (if you have one) keep its utilization high, while reducing behavioral risk and employment practices liability for the employer. Remembering the employer's needs is key. Many newsletters do not care about this issue. I do. Caring about the employer and risk management goes hand-in-hand with the well-being of employees.
  • Ready for Copying or Make Changes
  • Unlimited Reproduction for Your Customers
  • Lowers Cost while Increasing Frequency
  • You control the frequency: Monthly, Bimonthly, Whatever
  • Add Articles, Edit Articles, Create Your Own Title
  • PDF, MS Publisher, MS Word Graphics, or Text
  • Free Layout of Your Logo: SEE AN EXAMPLE
Who's using FrontLine Employee?
  • Universities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Military
  • Municipal Governments
  • Private Industries
  • EAP Providers
  • Internal EAPs in Medium and Large Organizations
  • Associations
  • Federal Agencies: NASA, FBI, etc.