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Multiple formats are available. Choose PowerPoint for stand-up presentations or the narrated and animated DVD of the PowerPoint program for large groups. Choose the Web course format--an interactive CD which can stand alone and be used with any computer, or be placed on your Web site for 24/ access by supervisors. It's perfect for serving hard-to-reach supervisors.
How to Fill In the Missing Pieces and Clear Up the Misconceptions Supervisors Have About EAPs that Reduce Utilization
And Inject Five Years Worth of Advanced EAP Knowledge into
Veins of Your EAP Staff (New Staff and, Yes, Even Old Timers)

Punchy and Intense
THREE Refresher Training Programs for Supervisors
  • Spend less time being frustrated with supervisors for EAP referral mistakes
  • Motivate supervisors to refer earlier
  • Clear up myths and misconceptions supervisors have about the EAP
  • Put a stop to supervisors blaming the EAP for what they did incorrectly
  • Reduce cover-up and enabling by supervisors
  • Boost your EAP utilization
  • Increase the likelihood of high risk and troubled employees--who really should be referred to the EAP--actually getting there.
These training courses pick up where other supervisor training leaves off. They answers questions supervisors have about referring employees. They prevent mistakes, clear up the myths, and help you get more—and more motivated—employees referred to the EAP by supervisors.

Your EAP staff will accelerate their knowledge of EAP theory and core technology elements over night. Even nationally know EA professionals have been blown away by the depth and practical value in these programs.

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Referring early, boundaries in communication with the EAP, understanding mandatory versus supervisor referrals

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Communicating with your employee, keeping your emotions in check,referring late after performance deterioration, staying in control of supervision process
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Avoiding misconceptions about the EAP, avoiding armchair diagnosis, follow-up after referrals, staying firm and sticking to your decisions, if or when problems return, important tips for supervisors
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