EAP Supervisor Training

What can this program do ?

There are several formats of this program available to meet any training need. Purchase any format, then get any other format at half price. You need different ways to reach supervisors. And you need to keep your training proactive. With EAPtools.com you can do it.

  • You can now train supervisors who miss live training
  • Train without asking the organization for time
  • Train when convenient - anywhere, anytime
  • Avoid travel to train in the field
  • Cut training-related costs
  • Train new and promoted supervisors
  • Give supervisors a quick review of steps prior to referring a troubled employee to the EAP
  • Save time, paperwork, energy
  • Get rid of those “old” or “outdated” videos!
  • Increase utilization and compete with other EAPs online
  • Get more supervisor referrals
  • Increase EAP value
  • Identify more at-risk troubled employees....

Can I put training on my Web site?

Yes, with the web course program format or flash formats. It only take s minutes to install. Most training web-courses are self-contained, although a few with flash link externally to EAPtools.com. It will appear seamless. If you work in secure computer environment, we will give you the flash files so you can upload them internally.

The Web course produces a Certificate of Completion to verify completion. It can be printed or it's contents can be copied by the learner with his or her mouse, and e-mailed. You can also integrate this program with your existing training and scoring system. We are SCORM compliant.

What's included in the training?

All formats address EAP rationale and issues of confidentiality, clarification of confusing issues to most supervisors, observation, documentation, confrontation, referral, follow-up after an EAP referral; avoiding missteps in the referral process, mismanagement of troubled employees, avoiding manipulation, communication with the EAP, and much more. Quiz questions and scoring provide an interactive component to the training. Test questions have on-the-spot, automatic scoring. Every supervisor learns, and every supervisor passes.

More Information
This program takes about 30 minutes to train. It has been purchased and used by hundreds of EAPs since 2004. Many have contributed their ideas and it has evolved into what we believe is the most effective training program ever assembled.
Take a look...turn up speakers!
Do you need a training program we don't have? Or do you have a training program that you do live, but would like it transformed into flash, web course, PowerPoint program with sound and animation, or even a DVD? Visit our customized training page to learn more--here.

See how formats look:
  1. PowerPoint
  2. PowerPoint (animated/narrated) 9 of 60
  3. Web Course (text/graphics only)
  4. Web Course w/ Certificate (animation/sound)
  5. DVD of PowerPoint (appears like #2)
  6. Flash (for one-click launching on web site)
  7. Auto-launching CD (appears like #2)