EAP Supervisor Training Solutions
EAP Supervisor Training Solutions
Training Every Supervisor Is the Only Way to Reach Every Troubled Employee
Every EAP is supposed to train supervisors, but most fall short of their training goals. EAPs that train vigorously often miss absent supervisors, and it can be difficult if not impossible to ever catch up and reach them all.

Many EAPs don't train enough because they can't get supervisors away from their primary duties long enough to do effective training with them. And, sometimes the organization is just plain resistant:

"We can't spare time now."...
"There are too many other priorities."...
"Maybe next year."...
"You've got 15 minutes--make it count"...

Familiar roadblocks are old news with training from WorkExcel.com.

The risk and exposure of not conducting training with supervisors is great because the most severely troubled employees don't typically self-refer. Only a supervisor referral done correctly can prevent tragedy.

If you're an Employee Assistance or HR professional, you have probably wondered whether employees in the news who became violent and homicidal were ever seen by their EAP. Indeed, supervisor training is key to getting the riskiest and most troubled employees help before tragedy strikes.

Beyond the most dramatic example of a troubled employee acting violently, it is lower productivity, continued absenteeism, and morale zapping behavior by troubled employees that costs companies money.

And, of course, low utilization of the EAP jeopardizes its funding--something that every employee assistance professional fears. Under-training, no training, inadequate training--it can all lead to the same tragic conclusion for everyone.

Quick Quiz:

  • Have you struggled with your organization or corporate customers to give you time to do training?
  • Has your staff been "too busy" to arrange training of supervisors?
  • Is supervisor training difficult because of travel and budget constraints?
  • Are there supervisors in remote locations and isolated places that make training impractical or virtually impossible?
  • Are there new supervisors in your organization and more appointed throughout the year who don't get training?
  • Are you worried that you are too busy to schedule employee assistance program supervisor training, even when management gives you the time to do so?
  • Are very few employee clients with alcohol or drug problems referred to the EAP?
  • Are violent incidents, terminations, and severely disciplined employees things you learn about after the fact, rather than before management takes these actions? Do you feel like less than a key player in your organization when it comes to managing behavioral risk?
  • Are your supervisor referral rates too low but questions about the effectiveness of your EAP too many?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, WorkExcel.com EAP Supervisor Training is the solution for you.


Your EAP is not like other EAPs. Training issues are unique and variable. It may be impractical to stand in front of a group of supervisors and do live training. You may need something more.


For example, you may need to offer brief training in parts, or lengthened training for hours or days; offer training using a certifiable Web course e-mailed to supervisors; show a DVD; offer training with the click of a button on a Web site; send a self-running computer CD to various department or individual supervisors; or even present training using a laptop computer that runs itself and projects on a screen with sound and animation.


Every one of these formats is available from WorkExcel.com. And nearly all can be customized with the logo, handouts, policies, images, customized narration, and terminology that are specific to your workplace or EAP culture.


The result is higher utilization, lowered risk, more effective and valued relationships with managers and key decision makers, and, of course, more employees who are healthy, happy, and productive.


Finally, you will be able to:

  • Train supervisors who miss live training
  • Mass E-mail a training link to an unlimited number of supervisors—all at once!
  • Train without asking the organization for time
  • Train when it is convenient--anywhere, anytime
  • Avoid travel to train in the field
  • Cut training-related costs
  • Train new and promoted supervisors
  • Give supervisors a quick review of steps prior to referring troubled employees to the EAP
  • Save time, paperwork, and energy
  • Get rid of those old or outdated videos
  • Increase utilization and compete with other EAPs offer strong web technology
  • Get more supervisor referrals
  • Increase EAP value
  • Identify more at-risk, troubled employees

Can I put training on my Web site?


Yes you can, with the Web course program format or Flash formats. It only takes minutes to install. And there is no linking to WorkExcel.com. This is good news if you work in a secure computer environment.


The Web course produces a Certificate of Completion to verify that the course has been completed. It can be printed, or e-mailed by the learner to any third party, such a designated testing administrator. You also can integrate this program with your existing learning management system (LMS).  We can produce a complaint program to match your LMS system.


What's included in the training?


All formats address EAP issues of confidentiality; clarification of issues most confusing to supervisors; observation; documentation; confrontation; referral; follow-up after a referral; avoiding missteps in the referral process; mismanagement of troubled employees; avoiding manipulation; communication with the EAP; and much more.


Quiz questions and scoring provide an interactive component to the training in most formats. Test questions have on-the-spot, automatic scoring. Every supervisor learns, and every supervisor passes. And you get documentation on each one.


More Information


Flash, web courses, and DVD formats take about 30 minutes to complete.  After purchase, any program can be modified by WorkExcel.com to add your handouts, policies, or other customized information into the courses.

Sample Training Program
Flash, DVD, PowerPoint, Self-play CD

Complete and effective training program
Sample Supervisor Training Program
Comprehensive PowerPoint with Guide
EAP Training for Supervisors
The "big" package with added content
EAP Supervisor Training Web Courses
EAP Supervisor Training Program Outline
• Overview of EAP
• Key principles and concepts
• Review of EAP history
• Benefits of an EAP
• Benefits to the supervisor
• Review of (company) EAP policy
• EAP services for supervisors
• Confidentiality and the supervisor role
• About “releases of information”
• Employee responsibilities
• Definition of a troubled employee
• Common types of personal problems
• Self vs. supervisor referral
• When to consider a supervisor referral
• Avoiding emotional entanglement
• Tips for supervisor referral
• Common supervisor myths about EAPs
• Avoiding mistakes in the referral process
• Avoiding types of “armchair diagnosis”
• Observing job performance
• Documenting job performance
• Performance signs and symptoms
• Confrontation and corrective interviews
• Encouraging self-referral
• Job leverage and motivation in referrals
• Follow-up, and follow-up mistakes
• Three types of “constructive confrontation”
• Performance-based intervention for severe
   behavior problems and performance crises
• When employees return from treatment
• Misconceptions of supervisors and why they don’t refer
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