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"The Employee Orientation is great! I sent it to the school district that wanted it, and they are happy. Thanks for being so responsive to our specific needs."

RaeAnn Thomas, Director
AEAS of Wisconsin,
Plover, WI
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Orientation to the EAP
Increase Utilization, Reduce Behavioral Risk, Increase Value, Train Faster, More Efficiently, and with Less Cost

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Your EAP is Going Places
Watch your EAP utilization soar when you provide effective employee orientation that reaches employees, especially new employees, wherever they are, and whenever they arrive.

The secret to higher utilization is the use of an effective delivery format, convincing information that elicits a call to action, and content where the employee hears or spots the specific issue or unique problem they didn't think the EAP would address.

This program accomplishes each of these objectives in 14 minutes--long before employees begin to snooze, become bored, or "zone" out. Dozens of EAPs have helped us shape the content of this product over the years.

Employees will view their EAP as a personal productivity tool, not just a casually mentioned "company benefit" they never likely to remember or use.

Imagine This ...
Imagine e-mailing or having a human resources manager e-mail a live start link to any employee or group of employees no matter where they are so they can complete EAP orientation. Never again would a new hire have to wait for EAP orientation.

Finally, your EAP is "in the loop" and no longer an afterthought.
With WorkExcel.com's employee orientation product, there are no more "missing persons". You'll finally have a way to reach the stragglers and everyone will benefit from it.

It gets even better. A time-date-personalized, Certificate of Completion is e-mailed to the EAP, or printed as a record. The benefits are incalculable for this kind of efficiency, and the biggest one is reduced behavioral risk. Yet, almost no EAPs have this level of efficiency, unless of course, they have WorkExcel.com's employee orientation product.

With Effective EAP Orientation, You Will:

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Reach every employee--no matter where they are 24/7
  • Improve EAP utilization (while losing the feeling of dread over low utilization)
  • Prove your program's value
  • Make your program more indispensable
  • Reduce behavioral risk with better outreach
  • Reduce the likelihood of EAP closure or an outsourcing disaster
  • Possess a highly competitive, marketing advantage
  • Save time, money, travel, logistical hassles, lost attendance, and communication breakdowns common with off-site trainings
  • Expand your Web content, visibility, and integration
  • Know your EAP is on the go, night or day
Modification to Content -- a Snap
And if you need modifications, no problem. WorkExcel.com programs are editable in several formats. Or, if the format you want has sound and professional narration, we'll make the adjustments for a reasonable cost or no cost all in some cases. That includes images, text, voice and additional things you might want added. With Web courses, you can have your EAP policy or other unique handouts as pop-up links. Just send us the PDFs, and we will make it happen.

Are you pinching yourself yet? It's all internal. You will never pay "per user" fees or have to link to us. You get the whole program--you own it. You control it. There are simply no EAP solutions anywhere like the one's WorkExcel.com offers.

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If you are not sure which training format you need, phone us at 1-800-626-4327. We'll gladly help you decide. Don't forget to upload your logo. We embed it at no charge. If you tell us your web site, we will visit your web site and attempt to match colors to make your product appear more seamless.

Remember, you always get FREE UPS return shipping within the U.S. if you decide not to make a purchase. (We're not worried. You'll love what we do.)