Work-Family Balance Educational Module
and EAP Promotional Video

Our second EAP promotional video. Employees who seek work and family balance improve job satisfaction, attitude, relationship harmony, and social and occupational functioning. This video builds awareness, promotes your EAP, adds value to your services, and help you improve EAP utilization. Click here to see the full module.

Work-life balance reduces stress, increases energy, and makes for healthier and happier employees. This program will benefit any employee or family member who identifies with the struggle to achieve or improve work-life balance.

This program is loaded with information. It provides
awareness and education, and discusses ten specific and actionable tips for gaining better control over one's busy life. It offers guidance for improving and sustaining better balance, readjusting things when you get off track, overcoming set-backs, remaining positive, and helping families "team" together to solve work-life balance dilemmas.

Formats: Flash Movie for Web Site; DVD; PowerPoint with Sound Show

Included: Portable Self-play Flash Movie CD

Customization: Phone 1-800-626-4327 for information. Logo is free!

Works on any Web site. (Other options also available.)

For the Web flash movie format, you must use a password to protect the product and your investment from unauthorized access by others. An "Intranet" or Internal Web Network does not require password protection.

Time: 7 Minutes;
Price: Starting at $297,
plus ($15 S/H)

Requirements: You must have a password protected page on your web site to operate this program. Your web master can easily establish one.
How to Purchase or Learn More:
  • Phone 1-800-626-4327 to order by phone.
  • Use secure shopping cart on this page. We can bill you request to be "billed later" during check out.
  • Purchase request to be billed at our main web site,
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Balancing Work and Family
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Balancing Work and Family Movie
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Balancing Work and Family FM001
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What this Product Will Do for You:
  • Helps employees act to achieve better work-life balance
  • Demonstrates that your program is on top of a key problem facing employees
  • Professional appearance improves your program image
  • Instantly adds value to your program or service
  • Increases EAP utilization--program advocates use of the EAP
  • Shows technological capability of your web site
  • Add content to make your Web site more interactive while improving ability to market your program
  • Improves your web site's return on investment
  • Adds a "marketing mix" to improve utilization
  • Easy on your budget--no subscription fees, licensing, or future bills in the mail to keep it live on your site
  • Train and educate 24 hours a day--even reach family members
  • Portable CD (in addition to web movie files) plays on any computer and "loops" for benefit fairs, health fairs, and promotional events.
  • Novel Resource at your finger tips because you can e-mail the start link to one client--or the entire workplace with one click.
  • Improves and maintains corporate appearance because program only includes your logo and branding.
  • Start a library of value-added web content from and make this your second one! Did you miss the first? See suicide prevention web site move: Click here.
  • Only $297! Add $50 for logo and program branding. You own the program. No linking to No hassles. No license. No log-ins. No unfamiliar links at the top of your employee's or customer's computer screen that confuse and interfere with your goal to have a seamless look.