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EAP: Help HR Managers Solve These Problems
How to Find EAP Market Intelligence
(Don't miss the list at the bottom of this article.)

Reading the minds of thousands of human resource managers to determine precisely what their biggest concerns are could help EAPs stay on top of what the customers want.

Historically, big research companies like the Rand Corporation have produced some information about what concerns employers, but let's face it, this research usually reports the obvious.

For example, we know that HR managers are concerned about diversity and generational challenges and that employee stress worries them.

Can we delve deeper? And where?

I started digging around at Workforce.com. The site has an e-newsletter that is sent on Tuesdays to approximately 125,000 HR managers. But Workforce.com also has a very cool bulletin board service with more than a million page views on it covering nearly a thousand topics related to HR. The number of visitor clicks on each of these topics has been recorded.

Folks, that's some bodacious data.

I figured the topics that had the most clicks logically represented the areas of greatest interest to HR managers.

Some topics have 50 to 100 clicks/views recorded. But some have as many as 15,000. In other words, unless someone visited twice, 15,000 people had an interest in those specific topics.

I decided to type out a list of topics that had more than 2,000 views. I then discarded topics that weren't directly relevant to EAPs, such as HR metrics, pension plan issues, and COBRA. I left on the list topics that had some relationship to problems EAPs typically resolve or offer consultative guidance for resolving.

I believe this list represents the most important current concerns of HR managers and that by exploring these issues, you can improve your marketability and desirability as an EAP provider or in-house professional.

You will need to do some of your own research to zero in on issues that affect your customers, but this is market intelligence whatever its name. What services, program enhancements, brown-bag seminars, or literature can you offer to meet these needs?

Studying this list can give you ideas about what programs or services you might consider offering to your host companies or business customers.

The following list represents a survey of about half the pages on the Web site's bulletin board and includes the topics getting most of the attention (equal to or more than 2,000 clicks).

Topics getting more than 2000 visitor/clicks:

  • Text Messaging Policies and Issues
  • Employees Who Are Always a Little Late
  • Managing Mentally Ill Employees
  • Divorce and It's Affect on Workers
  • Unusual Bathroom Habits Due to Culture or Religion
  • Employees Bringing Children to Work
  • Stealing and Lying Employees
  • Childcare Referral Issues
  • Tips for Success in HR in Working with Managers and
  • Employees
  • Time Management
  • Spirituality in the Workplace
  • Casual Dress Problems
  • Motivating Employees
  • Reasonable Accommodations of Employees
  • Romance Problems Between Employees
  • Terminating an Employee: Dealing with the Emotional Aftermath
  • Emotional Stress to HR manager of terminating employees
  • Bringing Your Baby to Work
  • Combating Rumors
  • Helping Employees with Work-Family Balance
  • Disciplining Employees: Who and When and How Much
  • Motivating Employees Without Monetary Incentives
  • Motivating Long-term, Non-managerial Employees
  • Diversity Issues and Morale in the Organization
  • Helping Immigrant Employees Not Feel Isolated and Left Out
  • High Gas Prices Causing Problems for Employees
  • Management Burnout
  • Negative Employees and How to Influence Them
  • Sick Leave for Smoking Withdrawal
  • Use of Myers-Briggs Assessment Outcomes
  • How to Keep Employees in the Field or Off Site from Feeling Left Out
  • How Can HR Boost Employee Productivity
  • How to Communicate for Effectively with Employees
  • The Entitled Employee—Attitudes of Those that Think the Organization "Owes" Them
  • Coaching/Disciplining Employees on Their Attitude
  • Supervisors Waiting until Evaluation Time to Address Issues
  • Teams and Evaluating Individual Members Who Don't Contribute
  • Teaching Supervisors How to Supervise
  • Employee Communication: Keeping Them Informed and Involved  Body Odor
  • Worsening Employee Morale and Turning It Around
  • Deciding if an Employee Should Be Terminated
  • Pornography on Company Laptop Computers
  • How to Win Back Employees Who Are Angry at the Company
  • Teaching Supervisors How to Motivate Their Staffs
  • Invigorating and Making Staff Meetings More Exciting