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Fact Sheet: 25 Ways the EAP Can Help
Fact Sheet: 25 Ways the EAP Can Help

I have seen good EAP brochures, and I have seen great EAP orientation programs. I have also seen some pretty good features and benefits of EAPs listed in promotional materials.

But let's face it, if you are an employee assistance professional, many of the things you do simply are not in writing. And you may never see them in writing.

Sometimes entirely new services and ways of helping employees arise on the spot. For example, I once remember going to a daycare center to observe a five year old child of an employee to evaluate his socialization struggles. It was the right thing to do at the time.

EA professionals make decisions like this all the time. I am beginning to think we are one of the few workplace professions that operate at this level--we often work out of the box. Well, it just doesn't get enough play.

I would wager that you have done many special things for your EAP clients. It is these unsung, but often highly useful activities that inspired today's free fact sheet.

I thought creating a list of detailed ways that EAPs help employees would help better commuicate the EAP message. Frankly, I think a sheet like this will boost your utilization. In fact, I guarantee it.

Here's a new Free Fact Sheet entitled (CLICK-->), 25 Ways the Employee Assistance Program Can Help

This fact sheet is completely editable, of course. You can make changes if you like. Copy and reproduce it for orientations, promotional events, and marketing purposes. Use the contents any way you like.

I hope you will see this fact sheet's value in promoting what EAPs do.

Please keep the copyright notice on it if don't mind. Also do me a huge favor: SEND MORE IDEAS so I can create a second fact sheet: "25 More Ways the Employee Assistance Program Can Help".

E-mail me here: Publisher@EAPtools.com

GO HERE: http://eaptools.com/25ways.html

Take care and have a great weekend.

Dan Feerst, LISW-CP