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This is a Stress Management Training
program to help employees manage job and workplace stress. This program delivers a fire hose practical tips within ten key chapters on stress management topics.
Employees will gain more control over the effect of pressures they face everyday on the job.

With PowerPoint, you received sound and non-sound editable options--both for one price. And with Flash video for your web site, you will receive a self-playing CD and the files for uploading to your web site.

This program will leave your employee audience with information, practical tips, and solid ideas that they can employ immediately--even before the program has even ended.

Web formats include test questions and a certificate of completion. Choose sound, Flash movie, or text-only without sound. Also available is a standard PowerPoint for live presentations with an instructor's script. There is also a PowerPoint Show for automated play, a self-playing movie CD for portable use at health fairs and special events, Flash files for upload to your Web site for a "one-click" movie, and a DVD format. The DVD runs in any standard, non-computer style DVD player.

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Guest Expert . . . Stress Management Training that Works

Stress Management Training - What's Effective?
by Mark Andrew Walsh

In the businesses, NGOs and government organisations I work with there are two kinds of people -those who admit there is stress in their lives and those in denial. Both may suffer but the latter cannot address what is a crucial workplace issue (in the UK the Health and Safety Executive make it a legal requirement for employers to address it is considered so important irrespective). Happily macho attitudes are dying out as people realise the impact stress can have on health (most of the Western World killers are stress related), efficiency/productivity (studies show that stressed people DO NOT work well) and relationships at work and at home.Stress training is becoming recognised by businesses as valuable as if done well it decreases staff turnover (churn-rate), increases effectiveness and reduces absenteeism. As well as being an ethical stance, providing stress management saves organisations money. What then are some of the barriers relating to stress training? Aside from prejudicial attitudes that stress can make one weak there is also a misconception that people work well stressed. Some positive arousal or eustress can of course be beneficial - but most people in modern organisations that I see are well beyond this daily and working on adrenaline and heading towards burnout. The concept of "sustainable working" is often a useful one for managing stress, as is the distinction between "live relaxation" (like an athlete) and "dead relaxation" (like a unconscious drunk).Other barriers to stress management include time and cost. Short targeted courses funded by government grants can help with both of these.What Makes Stress Training Effective?Some stress training is effective and some is not (as measured by participants in feedback or by "hard measures" like staff sick days). Here are some of the things that make workplace stress management training courses effective if included:Choose an Experienced ProviderWould you do dentistry "in house" or ask your mechanic to o it? Of course not, it pays to get a specialist in to address stress at work and the same is true of investing in an experienced and specialist stress training provider. Of course I am biased but the real test is that paying customers agree.Adequate Pre Course Assessment Was DoneStress training will only work if it is targeted to the organisations needs. Public stress courses are possible but if the trainer is talking directly to the concerns of delegates after having done thorough research this is superior. A pre-course stress management questionnaire would be a minimal measure.Stress Course Has an Embodied and Integral PerspectiveTalking about theories of stress is not enough as stress is an embodied phenomena and this much be addressed. Similarly looking at any one angle on stress is insufficient as psychological, biological, social, cultural, environmental and organisational aspects must all be considered for effectiveness as these elements are all involved. Ken Wilber's integral model is the most complete theoretical overview I know of.Stress Training is Interactive and Fun!Interactive and experiential training will alleviate the problem of tired or bored delegates not taking anything in, and gain crucial buy-in.Stress Management Training Enables "Real-World Transfer"Training often has a bad reputation as in many organisations people will go on a course, then promptly forget everything they have learned. It is important that stress training embeds learning in real-world applications. Follow-up e-mails and revision sessions are also effective.This article is of course just a brief introduction to stress training and what makes stress management effective, but I hope it has been a helpful start. There are several government grants for stress training currently available in the UK so please get in contact to benefit your productivity, health and relationships.Mark Walsh Integration Training Brighton, East Sussex, UKMark Walsh is the founder of Integration Training - leading UK [http://integrationtraining.co.uk]stress training providers. He has studied stress academically (Bsc (hons) Psychology), in the martial arts (he holds a black belt in aikido), in outdoor education and in conflict zones where he worked for a number of years. Integration Training are specialists in NGO and business training - working with [http://integrationtraining.co.uk]stress management courses, team building, coaching, time management and leadership training. They are based in Brighton (East Sussex), London, and Birmingham UK.Article Source: Stress Management Training - What's Effective?
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PowerPoint Stress Management Training
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Stress Management Helps Everyone!
Employee and Workplace Stress Management PowerPoint Techniques Information and Impact
  • Help employees be happier. Stress relief improves the ability to feel and look on the positive side of things and increases the joy of living.
  • Help employees reduce excessive stress that can lead to poor health outcomes
  • Help employees look better and feel healthier with practical stress relievers
  • Help employees really think about diet so they manage blood sugar levels, keep their emotions in check, and are more resilient to stress
  • Motivate employees to get regular exercise to help them blow off steam and increase "frustration tolerance".
  • Help employee increase productivity with the ability to stay more focused.
  • Help employees improve sleep, feel more engaged, and less stressed at the end of the day.
  • Help employees improve their attitude--a habit that can actually be learned.
  • Help employees be more optimistic so set-backs and failures roll off their backs easier, allowing them to achieve more.
  • Help employees reduce their "walking around stress" with everything from breathing exercises to mental exercises that put the brakes on runaway stress
  • Help employees reduce the effect of stress that can sap energy!
  • Demonstrate that your program is on top of a key problem--STRESS--that's facing employees this year more than ever, so you easily answer management's #1 question, "Hey, what's the EAP doing about stress?"
  • Possess a program that improves your EAP's image
  • Instantly add more value to your program or service
  • Increase EAP utilization--this program advocates use of the EAP in every stress tip. (Ask for the non-EAP version if you need to omit this feature.)
  • Take advantage of the technological capability of your web site
  • Add content to your web site to make it interactive and improve your marketability
  • Improve your web site's return on investment (ROI)
  • Save money and time on training while reaching more people than ever before!
  • Show better statistics to prove your program's worth
  • Add a prevention service that will run "hands-off", automatically giving you free time for other important work, even as you rack up higher utilization--amazing.
  • Train and educate 24 hours a day--even reach family members, perhaps for the first time ever.
  • E-mail the start link to employees, customer prospects, interested persons, or groups in conferences, seminars, and team meetings.
  • Train employees in the field or away from the employer's location
  • Seamless appearance makes it "your program" with your logo prominently placed with colors matching your Web site -- ask about this low cost option. It can done for under $75.
  • Inexpensive, high quality---it won't break your budget.