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English or Spanish FrontLine Employee
EAP Newsletter
FrontLine Employee is delivered electronically by E-mail, but you also receive a reproducible paper copy" by U.S. mail. So, begin a newsletter program that's ready to go out of the envelope, or gives you the option of controlling every word in it--even the title. Save a ton of money in your EAP budget at the same time.

This is the first-ever, editable, reproducible, and web-usable EAP newsletter for the workforce. It's peer-written and produced. And it's guaranteed to increase EAP utilization, value, and visibility with a full refund up to and including the last issue!

FREE TRIAL--THREE ISSUES: Obtain below during ordering steps.

FrontLine Employee Newsletter

(Complete steps below. Price varies according to options.If you are requesting a free sample, a continuation notice is sent after two free issues. There is no cost or obligation to continue.)

IMPRINTING YOUR NEWSLETTER: For imprinting, view the example below. Then send your artwork by electronic file by clicking here and attaching file. EXAMPLE OF IMPRINTED NEWSLETTER
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