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Attention-getting, information-packed, workplace wellness and mental health fact sheets--for employees, patients, clients, and consumers. Each one includes PDF, MS Word, and MS Publisher formats. Each is printed on glossy paper in color and recorded on a CD. Use immediately, or edit and add your own expertise. Imprint your name, brand them as your own for internal or official customer use. Get three fact sheets free with each group purchase. If you have any trouble with the shopping cart within this section of the web site, print order forms from links shown and FAX TO 843-884-0442! Questions? Phone us at 1-800-626-4327.
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V001 Drugs of Abuse Chart
WHAT: Describes types of drugs (including alcohol), drug names, street names, methods of use, symptoms of use, and hazards of use. This chart allows you to edit whenever new drugs pop up and customize it for your locale.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor and employee alcohol and drug educations programs; DOT training.
V002 Progression and Recovery Curve of the Alcoholic
WHAT: No, this is not your typical chart! We spoke with dozens of treatment professionals, CEAPs, and recovering persons to assemble this one. Includes twice as much information seen on similar charts.
WHERE TO USE: Motivational interviewing, employee awareness, in-treatment interviewing.
V003 Tracking Sheet for EAP: Follow-up of Recovering Clients (2 pages)
WHAT: Proper follow-up means tracking diminishing involvement in the recovery program and intervening earlier. This sheet improves outcomes. Instructions included. No doubt our most cost-beneficial handout.
WHERE TO USE: In-person client follow-up. Watch diminishing involvement in a recovery program long--long before the relapse happens--then interrupt it.
V004 Addictive Disease in the Workplace Progression Curve
WHAT: Shows addictive disease symptoms, life-social symptoms, and performance symptoms all on the same chart. Definitely a first. That's right. We put it all on one page!
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor training, EAP client education in EAP interviews or patient settings; supervisor consults.
V005 Enabling in the Workplace
WHAT: Describes examples of enabling behaviors of supervisors and coworkers. Also describes how organization policies, politics, and the type of industry enables addicts.
WHERE TO USE: Counseling sessions, health fairs, workshops, promotion, waiting rooms.
V006 Five Ways to Refer an Employee to the EAP
WHAT: Describes and details five different ways a supervisor can influence EAP referrals. Encouraging a self-referral, supervisor referrals, and “firm-choice” interventions.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor training and supervisor consults.
V007 60 Signs and Symptoms of Performance Problems
WHAT: Forty-two lines and more than 60 performance problems on one sheet. Add your own. A beautiful tool to help construct documentation.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor training and supervisor consults. Supervisors can use this handout as a memory jogger and menu when constructing documentation.
V008 How to Write a Corrective Letter to an Employee
WHAT: The “missing link” to effective supervision and change is the corrective letter. We wrote the best outline ever, and included a follow-along example.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor training, supervisor consults. (2 pp.)
V009 Back-to-work Conference Guidelines
WHAT: Guidelines for EAP, supervisors, and employees returning to work after treatment for serious behavioral/medical illnesses. Here's what to do and what to include in a back-to-work conference.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor consults prior to the back-to-work conference.
V010 Avoiding Armchair Diagnosis
WHAT: EAP referrals slow up when supervisors start diagnostic thinking. Here are ten ways supervisors unwittingly act or think as "armchair diagnosticians" with examples of what they say and do.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor training, supervisor consults.
V011 25 Questions for the Person in a Relationship with an Addict
WHAT: Awareness for the person in a relationship with an addict is the start of recovery and intervention. This checklist inspires change.
WHERE TO USE: Awareness for the person in a relationship with an addict is the start of recovery and intervention. This checklist inspires change.
V012 Ten Role Plays and EAP Referral Scenarios for Supervisors
WHAT: Ten role plays and follow up questions for discussion. Includes common and complex supervision scenarios, communication with the EAP, confrontation, and follow-up.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor training. (3 pp.)
V013 Best EAP Referral Tips for Supervisors
WHAT: Experience and supervisor referral “mis-fires” are the inspiration for this handout. Helps supervisors motivate employees to accept a referral and reduce frustration with the referral process.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor training and supervisor consults.
V014 Enabling: Definition, Impact, and Loss
WHAT: Describes what enabling really is, how it emerges, and why some addicted employees die from “institutional” enabling. Advocates action before the “big one” hits.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor training, employee education and awareness.
V015 After EAP Referral Follow-up Tips for Supervisors
WHAT: After EAP referral, what’s next? Provides an easy list of “do’s and don’ts.” Covers every point along the referral continuum from beginning to end. Helps supervisors thwart manipulation.
WHERE TO USE: Supervisor training, supervisor consults.
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