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"By the way, I love the vital tips supervisor program we purchased. It is comprehensive and will be a great asset for our managers who cannot attend onsite training."

Eileen Crochiere
EAP Network, Inc.

14 Vital Skills for Supervisors

This web-based training program will be easy and fun for supervisors to use; revolutionize your ability to give helpful resources to supervisors; add excitement, efficiency, and value to your HR and training efforts, and decrease the risk of costly supervision mistakes. If not, we will happily refund your payment no questions asked!

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14 Vital Skills
non-EAP Version
Price: $
14 Vital Skills
EAP Version
Price: $

Formally train supervisors or allow them quick access to supervisory skills, tips, and techniques while reducing mismanagement of employees and behavioral risk to the organization -- all from your web site.

Two versions of this web-based training are available for companies or organizations with or without an employee assistance program (EAP). This program is customized and matched to your web site with color and logo. Ready to upload or play on any computer. Request a free preview below!
What is this product all about?

This is an easy to use, critical issues training program that allows supervisors to quickly learn or brush-up on essential skills.

14 Vital SkillsConstructive Confrontation

  • Documenting Properly.

  • Evaluating Performance

  • Inspiring Employees, Praising Performance, Improving Morale

  • Resolving Coworker Conflicts

  • Acting on a Fitness-for-Duty Policy

  • Building Your Team

  • Communicating Effectively with Upper Management

  • Observing Performance

  • Giving Feedback and Constructive Criticism

  • Delegating and Following Up

  • Dispensing Discipline

  • Helping to Prevent Violence

  • Investigating Minor Incidents and Employee Complaints

  • What can this program do?

  • Provide supervisors with new skills.

  • Train supervisors in the field who can't get to training.

  • Training new supervisors.

  • Provide a resource for quick learning and fast reference.

  • Perform due diligence and reduce liability.

  • Train supervisors struggling with key issues.

  • Obtain a printed record that a supervisor was trained.

  • Save time, paperwork, and energy.

  • The training goes on our web site, correct?

    Yes, but it will run automatically on any computer. Just slip in the CD. You own it, and you control it. Give the CD to your web technician and he or she can easily upload it. Instructions are included.

    Will the program track participants?

    Not automatically. You may integrate the program with your existing training system to keep training records. Your web technician can also create a login process. The program generates a certificate of completion with the participant's name, date, and time of completion on it. Use it as an official record.

    More about the Program

  • Licensed to run on your web site or run directly from the CD.

  • Easily placed on a web site and easy-to-use.

  • Professionally written and produced.

  • Free customization with your logo and web site colors

  • Free editing of contents to match your policies and procedures (additional charges may apply with extensive changes.)

  • A Few More Details. . .

  • You own the program, you control it.

  • No logins. No passwords. Nothing complicated.

  • Save and return buttons for interrupted training.

  • Professional and effective.

  • Printable pages.

  • Divided by chapter headings for quick topic search.

  • Once you preview the program, send us the edits necessary to make this program match your policies, if needed.Click: Back to Top of Page.


    Complete the form below and hit the submit button. You will be taken to a short preview of a few chapters from this new program. We will also e-mail you a link to the full program for a limited time.

    Prior to sending you the training program, we will customize it to match your organization's web site with your logo and colors so you can see how it looks. Return it using the free postage-paid DHL/Airborne label, or keep the program and honor the invoice that accompanies it. Call us at 1-800-626-4327 if you have any questions.

    You may purchase the program now with a brochure or shopping cart on this page. You may also call us directly to place your order.
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