Overview of the Refresher Course (continued)
  1. This course will prepare you. Completing this course will better enable you to manage troubled employees and return them to satisfactory levels of job performance through the EAP referral process. And it will help you influence their willingness to resolve personal problems that are interfering with job performance.

  2. "Supervisors are key." It is often said that "supervisors are key" to the success of employee assistance programs. This is because employees may have personal problems fueled by denial that make it extremely difficult for them to see that they need help. When symptoms of a personal problem interfere with performance, an employee may be unable to "self-diagnose" and be even less able to choose proper treatment. Ultimately, a supervisor referral to the EAP—based on job performance problems—provides the best hope for returning the employee to an acceptable level of performance and avoiding the loss of a worker along with associated turnover costs.
  3. Enjoy the course. Enjoy the course and reap the benefits of your improved role in helping employees and the work organization remain happy, healthy, and prosperous.