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WorkLife ExcelTM
Health, Wellness...and Productivity Workforce Newsletter

A breakthrough in work-life newsletters: It's not just for employees, but for the whole organization's well-being. Articles target issues in the workplace employees face, but that also concern management--issues that helping professionals and workplace coaching pros intervene with daily.

These issues include stress, the effect of downsizing on the individual, coworker conflicts, building a better relationship with one's supervisor, dealing with family struggles, managing a teenager crisis at home, improving productivity and managing personal performance, building a better team, reducing workers compensation costs, improving respectful behavior in the workplace, improving communication, avoiding risky behaviors that jeopardizes the organization's well-being, becoming a better customer service employee, and much more.

12 monthly issues (not just every quarter!) Two pages. Color. Delivered folded or flat, along with an accompanying electronic Adobe-readable PDF for unrestricted organization-wide use. No linking to an outside Web site. A special hotline link at permits subscriber input on desired topics for future issues.

Priced according to the number of employees in your organization(s). Customized imprinting of your organization's helping resource phone number (employee assistance program, etc.) is available.

  • Keeps employees focused on work-life balance and productivity
  • Benefits the organization as much as employees with articles about team issues, customer service, conflict resolution, and injury prevention.
  • Two pages means less newsletter waste, a faster read. But, more frequently sent equals 50% more content per year than an infrequent, quarterly, four-page newsletter!
  • Written and produced by active, licensed mental health professionals in the workplace and employee development coaching pros.
  • Electronic PDF for organization-wide use and/or paper delivered folded or flat
  • Get a discount up to 15% for electronic only distribution, or prorated discount based upon number of paper copies needed
  • Optional customization for your employee assistance, occupational health, or risk management program
  • "Topic Input Hotline” permits subscriber contributions to content ideas for future issues to match urgent workplace issues