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E046 Aging Gracefully
WHAT: Embracing the present; accepting limitations without elimination; moderating versus giving up on things you love; being an optimist; new hobbies; taking care of yourself; tips on enjoying life; not looking back; much more.
WHERE TO USE: Client sessions, brown-bag luncheons.
E047 The Art of Giving Feedback
WHAT: The art of giving feedback to others; focusing on behavior, not personalities; what to say, how you say it; the sandwich technique; when others resist; when feedback doesn’t fit; keeping egos out of feedback.
WHERE TO USE: Team building, client sessions, off-site retreats, conflict resolution.
E048 Becoming an "Askable" Parent
WHAT: Children who aren’t getting answers from their parents will go somewhere else. What is an “askable parent? Becoming receptive. Developing skills in honesty and directness. Arming yourself with information and understanding “TMI” (too much information!)
WHERE TO USE: Client counseling sessions. EAP waiting areas, health fairs.
E049 Before You Quit Your Job
WHAT: Avoiding overreaction to conflict; the right reasons to quit; considering the consequences of quiting a job; being professional in letting go; not burning bridges; more.
WHERE TO USE: Counseling and individual client sessions, waiting rooms.
E050 Respecting Generational Differences at Work
WHAT: “Ageism” and its cost; attitudes and values of different generations--boomers, X, Y and beyond; why we can’t get along, and how to start making it happen.
WHERE TO USE: Conflict resolution, individual sessions, brown-bag seminars.
E051 Compulsive Gambling is a Bad Deal
WHAT: What is compulsive gambling; why people become gamblers. Am I at risk? Self-diagnosis, signs and symptoms. Treatment and recovery of compulsive gambling addiction.
WHEN TO USE: Individual counseling, health fairs, family counseling.
E052 Effective Time Management for Supervisors
WHAT: Supervisors who manage time well win the management game. Loads of tips, “building in” time, prioritizing, delegating, setting goals, minimizing meetings, knowing when to take a break.
WHERE TO USE: Clients sessions, training supervisors, small group work.
E053 Coming Back Home
WHAT: Managing the emotional build-up of coming home from war; transitions; expectations; getting back to normal life; Ten powerful tips for families and key issues of reuniting.
WHERE TO USE: Family sessions, group work, health fairs, waiting rooms.
E054 Coping with a Crisis
WHAT: Crisis versus trauma. Definition and “what works” in managing crises. Is it a crisis? Staying mobilized. Steps for coping. Managing disruption. Keeping structure in your life. Decision making. Signs that crisis is affecting you.
WHEN TO USE: Counseling sessions. Groups.
E055 Coping with Divorce
WHAT: Emotions and loss; legalities; avoiding unnecessary conflict; seeking support; taking care of yourself; refocusing your energy; avoiding unhealthy coping behaviors; forgiving yourself. Moving forward.
WHERE TO USE: Client sessions, counseling, waiting rooms.
E056 When You've Been Disciplined at Work
WHAT: Discipline isn’t punishment; causes of employee discipline; what to do; how to respond; seeing an opportunity for change; why the employer isn’t the “bad guy.”;responding with the right attitude; using the EAP.
WHERE TO USE: Individual counseling sessions
E057 Managing Caregiver Stress!
WHAT: Caregivers are special, but have important needs. Types of stress; care for caregivers; avoiding denial of needs; support of caregivers; when you need help; what works!; what doesn’t work!; counseling; tips.
WHERE TO USE: Counseling, waiting rooms.
E058 Taking Initiative on the Job
WHAT: Why intiative is powerful--and it’s free! What is initiative; why you don’t take initiative; proactive initiative vs. initiative out of fear. Spotting opportunities for initiative; the payoffs for everyone.
WHERE TO USE: Waiting rooms; team building.
E059 Eldercare Across the Miles
WHAT: Stressors faced by employees with long-distance eldercare responsibilities; tips for caregivers and family; mistakes and missteps of family members; what elderly persons should do; resources.
WHERE TO USE: Counseling sessions, brown-bag presentations.
E060 Preventing Identity Theft
WHAT: Keeping personal information secure. Monitoring credit properly; shredding and protecting; guarding your SSN; responding to mail and e-mail solicitations; password problems; credit bureaus; responding to suspicious activity.
WHEN TO USE: Waiting rooms, seminars.
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