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My name is Dan Feerst, and I am the author and publisher.

My articles are written to delve deeper and offer employees more so they can manage stress better, have happier lives at work and at home, and produce better results for your organization. Fewer problems with troubled employees are also a big bonus.

This newsletter is 100% refundable to the very last issue. That's because I know you will love it. In fact, the renewal rate for FrontLine Employee averages between 85-93%--extremely high for a subscription publication. The national average is 65-67% according to the Newsletter and Electronic Publisher's Association.
I am an industrial social worker by training, and have been writing FrontLine Employee for seven years. The readership is now approximately three million employees.

I am also the creator and author of the the newsletter currently distributed to all 12,000 employees of the U.S. Congress. They chose me over all options available to them. That's no small feat, and it should tell you a lot about me and my publications. You can learn about this newsletter below. In fact, you have the option to choose it instead of FrontLine Employee if you don't need an editable newsletter. Both newsletters contain the same articles.

So, if you don't need an editable newsletter, you can go here to learn about WorkLife Excel, my other publication. It is also very popular, and you will quickly see why.

Either way, these newsletters promote improved productivity, better morale, and reduced workplace conflict and employee problems. If your budget is tight, don't worry, these newsletters are not expensive.

Either of these two newsletters represent everything you want in a work-life newsletter!

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Daniel Feerst, LISW, CEAP

You can read about me here: Resume
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"Absolutely! You can use my comments as a testimonial for your Web site. I am thrilled with FrontLine Employee. It is an excellent resource for all my employees."

Elizabeth Robinson, Manager
University of Connecticut Health Center

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