Creating an Office Newsletter
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Creating An Office Newsletter

Local and multinational companies pursuing organizational objectives often seek to gain the best out of their workforce. One of the major concerns for Human Resource departments in these companies is how to improve on the knowledge and skills of their employees. Schooling and learning in class is not just enough to impart the needed knowledge and skills on employees because most of the duties and responsibilities of the workforce is more practical, yet most classes and lectures just teach theory.

Companies are not willing to use so much of their resources to train and develop their workforce. Nowadays Managers reduce this hustle and bustle by creating an office Newsletter which can be used by employees to develop their skills and improve their performance. Creating an office Newsletter can be done in-house or can be contracted. In either case, the end result is that employees will access very essential information related to their job from the office newsletter. Apart from highlighting their roles as employees and indicating ways through which employees may use to improve their performance and achieve organizational goals, office newsletters also inform employees about their rights and how they may use their jobs to make their social life better, both at home and at their workplace.

Creating an office newsletter in-house may prove a hard task and quite uneconomical for companies. This is because it requires a lot of human and physical resources. A company populated by over 500 employees, for example, requires producing over 500 copies of office newsletters in order to serve all its employees. If less office newsletters are produced, then many employees will have to share one newsletter which is time consuming. If office newsletters are produced in soft copies and submitted through email-addresses, it may seem more economical, but just think of the person creating an office newsletter and submitting copies via email. To come up with a complete copy of an office newsletter, one has to spend a great deal of time and always keep consulting colleagues on certain issues. Others may even spend a lot of their leisure time which they could have otherwise used with families and friends.

Creating an office newsletter therefore needs to be contracted to outside companies with that specialty. The contractors may submit the office newsletter through email or deliver them physically to the company headquarters for delivery. In most cases, online delivery is more preferable than physical delivery.