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“FrontLine Employee has solved the daunting task of providing my small team the benefit of a customized monthly newsletter in a cost-effective way. The practical tips on work/life wellness and training are so insightful, simple, and important. Our employees are able to take ideas from this wonderful newsletter and start utilizing them immediately!” --  Meredith Rosenow, The Continental Group, Property Management

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Dear HR Manager
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 Here’s The Secret To Having Your Own
Newsletter that Helps Employees, Improves Communication, and Increases Productivity

    Having your own newsletter is a powerful way to promote workplace wellness and improve communication. However producing your own newsletter is tremendously difficult and time consuming.

    Most employers won’t even consider it. Those that do usually throw in the towel and give up.

    All this has changed with a newsletter I created called FrontLine Employee.

    Hello, my name is Daniel Feerst. I am a licensed mental health professional and founding publisher of FrontLine Employee.

    FrontLine Employee is a turnkey solution. It allows you to have your own company newsletter with none of the work. After 11 years, it is still the only solution of its kind in the U.S.
Helping Employees with Issues and Problems

    Many employees have problems that interfere with their jobs. These issues create communication headaches, conflicts, decline of morale, and many risks. A newsletter is a helping tool with a loss prevention effect. Newsletters are simple, and they work.

Secret of FrontLine Employee
    FrontLine Employee is e-mailed to you each month. It is never late. It is fun to read with two pages of colorful graphics. The entire newsletter is editable in MS Word or MS Publisher. A PDF or plain text format are also available.

    Copy, print, edit, add content, or insert photos of your staff. Keep the name or change it. If desired, I will create a unique new masthead with any title you desire.

Place FrontLine Employee on your company’s protected web page and email internally, or print and distribute.

3,000,000 Employees Read FrontLine Employee

    Three million employees in thousands of big and small companies read FrontLine Employee.

    All state employees of Ohio and Washington get FrontLine Employee. And the state of Tennessee makes FrontLine Employee required as a part of its state employee counseling service.

    Dozens of federal government agencies and private institutions get FrontLine Employee, too. These include U.S. Army installations, the U.S. Small Business Administration headquarters, universities, and hospitals.
    The FBI and the U.S. Air Force Academy both use content from FrontLine Employee. Nursing homes, retirement homes, home health providers, property management companies, and small employers of all kinds use FrontLine Employee.

Here’s Another Unique Feature

    My decades of “in the trenches” experience makes FrontLine Employee truly unique. Articles deliver tips, “how-to’s”, do’s and don’ts, and step-by-step approaches to solving nagging problems at home and work.

    FrontLine Employee includes punchy titles and tight copy. Every word counts. However, articles delve deeper so they give employees more insight they can use immediately.

    FrontLine Employee always finds its way home with employees, too. So I author topics to help family members.
Energize Employees. Reduce Stress.
Spark Creativity.

    Employees want to feel positive. So I write FrontLine Employee to make it upbeat. Topics focus on 12 areas I have determined as most crucial to wellness and productivity.

    Stress, gossip, poor communication, team infighting, abusive behavior between staff, attendance issues, financial troubles, anger issues, family worries, and undefined problems at home. . . FrontLine Employee tackles these and many more.

The 12 Topics of FrontLine Employee

Workplace Communication: handling conflict, personality and control issues; dealing with difficult people and attitude problems; negotiating and increasing cooperation; getting a point across, being assertive; improving listening skills; etc.

Worker Productivity Tips: managing time, organizing work, setting priorities, stopping procrastination, remembering things, stopping interruptions, completing work, etc.

Family, Home, and Community: thinking "green"; knowing about consumer product safety; parenting children and teenagers, safety at home, eldercare issues, family stress, budgeting tips, increasing marital harmony, work-life balance, etc.

Personal Fitness and Emotional Wellness: exercising, getting more energy, improving nutrition, understanding mental illness, self-diagnosing conditions, seeking professional help.

Personal Effectiveness and Goal Achievement: getting more done, improving self-awareness, motivation and using inspirational thinking, planning ahead, sticking to New Year resolutions, managing money, developing mediation skills, staying positive, etc.

Team Building: holding better meetings, reducing conflicts, improving communication, staying cohesive, being a team player, getting more done, sharing the work, etc. Stopping lateral or horizontal violence.

Improving Relationships with Your Supervisor: communicating better, knowing what the supervisor wants, completing assignments, making an impression, knowing how to “read between the lines,” planning for better performance reviews, etc.

Hot Productivity and Health Topics: learning about health issues in the national news, preventive health tips, alcoholism and drug abuse, where to get more information about specific conditions; giving and getting support; practicing self-help; finding unique resources, etc.

Stress Management: using stress management tips, avoiding burnout, making self-assessments, recognizing signs and symptoms, etc.

Getting Help for Personal Problems: How to find help, learning to use the company EAP, and when its time to seek help.

Workplace Safety, Injury Prevention, and Recovery: avoiding risky shortcuts, preventing injury, thinking safety, building a culture of safety, thinking about safety, getting back to work sooner, recovery at home issues, etc.

Customer Service and Customer Stress: proper attitudes, dealing with difficult customers, patients, and consumers; staying positive, keeping customers happy, reducing related stress.

Your Workplace Issues Are My Concern

    As a FrontLine Employee subscriber, you can use my “Hotline” to suggest topics for consideration in future issues. This feature is powerful because it increases relevancy.

    Start your employee newsletter with a free, three-month trial.

    You will get two extra months if you send payment now. Do so by purchasing your employee newsletter here...

    With payment, you also receive my 15 “Most Loved” Reproducible Wellness Tip Sheets. These are editable, too. Priced at $17, they are FREE for you. That’s $255 worth!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

    With some of my subscribers having renewed for 11 years in a row, I can’t imagine your employees won’t love FrontLine Employee. However, if for any reason you believe FrontLine Employee isn’t for you, I will refund your subscription in full.

    Complete the form enclosed and fax it. I will phone you to say hello, and get you started immediately.

Yours truly,

Daniel A. Feerst, LISW-CP Lic.#8845

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

P.S. Remember! Pay nothing to start a FREE trial subscription or send payment now and get 14 issues, instead of 12. You will also get my CD of 15 “Most Loved Wellness Tip Sheets”!