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"We value our relationship with you and really like the newsletters."

Debra Ontiveros, Director
El Paso, TX

"Aloha, Dan I sent out the February Frontline Employee yesterday and got a call today thanking me for the excellent articles. She wanted to know more information on one of the stories the Pennsylvania weight loss study and I was able to Google the information and send her the links, but she was very thankful for the information!! Thanks for helping us look good once again!"

David Mitchell

Child and Family Service - Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

"By the way, emailing these newsletters is GREAT. So easy to edit, turnaround, and send. Thanks for your help. Happy Thanksgiving."

Sue Kerner,
Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Nashua, New Hampshire


"We enjoy your articles each month and I thank you. I can't say enough about the two FrontLine publications we subscribe to. We are a small company who is a provider of EAP services to small and medium companies."

Marylee Nunley, V.P. of Operations
Resource Management Services
Peoria, Illinois


"The newsletter is a great hit with our EAP companies and their employees."

Sylvia Darlington
Network Services Centre
Michael, Barbados


"By the way, I am thrilled with the FrontLine newsletters. Excellent resource for both my supervisors and employees. Happy Thanksgiving."

Elizabeth Robinson
University of Connecticut
Farmington, CT


"After downsizing, right-sizing, or whatever, I now provide direct services to over 10,000 employees with no other EAP staff. FrontLine Employee (and FrontLine Supervisor) enable me to have some type of newsletter. It is a most valuable tool."

Ken Seaton, Civilian Employee Assistance Program Administrator
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Bremerton, Washington


"This month, October '01, your two newsletters were right on target. The FrontLine Supervisor addressed the specific issues I have been helping my customers and clients with the past month. A great reinforcement."

Keith Crochiere, Co-owner
EAP Network
Taunton, Massachusetts

"I am always one to share good products with other peoples in our Native communities and beyond. By doing so, it permits One Feather EAP as a nationwide EAP provider to serve our contracts in good ways. As an integrated piece of our programming, WorkExcel.com EAP products have been very useful to the employees, Tribes, Nations, and communities we work with and for."

Rodney Haring, Ph.D., LMSW (enrolled Seneca)
One Feather Consulting, LLC


"A great resource, especially when you need to work out a newsletter in a hurry!"

Bud Wassell
Solutions, Inc
Meriden, Connecticut


"The FrontLine Employee has been a big success for the promotion of the EAP. I have received several phone calls from employees to the EAP asking questions about the information. Keep up the good work!"

Employee Wellness Associates
Green Bay, Wisconsin


Our employees call me immediately if the FrontLine Employee is not in their office on the designated day of arrival."

Melvina MacDonald
Tallahasee Memorial Hospital
Tallahasee, Florida


 "Our companies have thoroughly enjoyed receiving the FrontLine Employee. We have had several compliments and the requests for more copies."

Carolyn Rohrig,
Lincoln, Nebraska


"After years of struggling with the newsletter arena -- a fantastic solution! We can now promote our EAP services as state-of-the-art."

Marylee Nunley
RMS, Inc.
Peoria, Illinois


"A great way to keep in tourch with employees and give them useful information. Money well spent!"

Tom McMahon
U.S. Postal Service

Omaha, Nebraska


"Thanks for your speedy reply. Your newsletters are of great value to us and our clients."

Eileen Crochiere
EAP Network
Taunton, Massachusetts

"I currently subscribe to both Frontline Newsletters and find them most beneficial."

Ken Sipes, Director
United Family Services EAP
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dan, thanks for all your help. Your products continue to make us look good.

Frank R. Horton, CEAP, President

FHA Assciates, LLC

Workplace Consulting and Counseling

 "The FrontLine Employee makes me look like a genius!! All of our client companies love the publication, please don't ever stop publishing it. I could never do it on my own."

Bill Hoey, LCSW, CEAP
Family Services Woodfield
, CT

"Fort _______ will continue to use the FrontLine Employee and I think it is a
superior newsletter. Thanks for all your help tweaking the product and
developing things for us."

Eric (Federal Government Employee, Name Withheld)