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WHAT: We distribute free employee health promotion and workplace wellness tip sheets along with great deals from our growing catalog of reproducible, editable, tip sheets.

Each tip sheet is emailed or mailed in MS Publisher, MS Word, and a PDF. You can see our entire library here as a pdf. Once you sign up on this page, keep your eyes open for fascinating and hard to find topics perfect for employees or mental clients.

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SIMPLE LIMITATIONS/RESTRICTIONS: Workplace health handouts are completely editable by you. You have our permission to imprint your name and program on them, change content, reproduce them in unlimited quantity for in-house use only, or post them to your web site--a password to protect them is a must. You must also keep our copyright. Workplace health fact sheets cannot be resold.

We also sell mental health and workplace wellness program resource tip sheets. Currently there are 9 groups. Three groups are shown below.

15 Corporate Wellness Handout Resource Examples  1
15 Corporate Wellness Handout Resource Examples  2
15 Corporate Wellness Handout Resource Examples  3

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