Workplace Diversity Training Program for Awareness; DVD, Video, PowerPoint, Online
Workplace Diversity Training
"I just wanted to say that this Workplace Diversity Training met my expectations and that we received positive feedback from several employees. General comments were that the presentation on Respect in the Workplace really cut to the root of the issues and provided great suggestions on how to respect others."  

David E. Edwards, Director
Human Resources,
Logistic Services International, Inc.,
Jacksonville, FL

DOT Training and DOT Supervisor Training
Do You Need Workplace Diversity Training to Help Employees Be More Tolerant, Unbiased, and More Cooperative with Each Other?

(Web Course, DVD, PowerPoint, and Flash Movie Formats)
These course contains:
  • One Hour Alcohol & One Hour Drug Information/Content
  • Professional Narration with Printable Handouts/Checklists
  • 35 Questions with answer-check and feedback and correction capability. Train and document that all learners achieved 100%.
  • Your policy, procedures, referral form inserted into the web course format (optional).
  • Imprinted Certificate of Training with name, score, date, and time stamp of training.
  • Five different available formats. Choose to match your DOT supervisor training needs. Get a 50% discount on second added format.
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DOT Supervisor Training Class for Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Letís discuss getting trained online in DOT Supervisor Training Class for Alcohol and Drug Awareness. Alcohol and drug use can be a bigger, yet subtler problem for your company than you think! Those who suffer with addiction to alcohol and drugs can decrease workplace productivity and moral and create an unsafe environment for all involved. Worse still, their destructive habits can fly under the radar for years!

As a supervisor, you need to accurately identity substances abusers. Donít just try to get trained in a DOT online training class for ďthe recordĒ. Really study the material because lives could be at stake.

Go the Extra Step with DOT Supervisor Training

If you need to meet DOT compliance or other employer training mandates for substance abuse education or just want to go the extra step in promoting a drug free workplace, then using a DOT supervisory training course that helps you retain the information is critical. Youíll need to find the right program that provides accurate, up-to-date information and fits with your companyís polices.  But it should also have handouts you can print, sound you can listen to, and test questions that explain right and wrong answers. Of course a certificate of completion with your name on it is essential.

Not all DOT Supervisor Training Is Equal

While investigating DOT supervisor training courses, youíll come to find out that not all classes are created equally. Some customized options are too expensive while other less expensive options arenít flexible enough. Many are inconvenient and some seem to be put together with little expertise. With many courses you can tell a ďfreelanceĒ writer wrote the content, not an experienced pro.

DOT Training Supervisor Can Be Low Cost

Industry experts have worked for years to develop and fine tune the many drug alcohol course outlines for online DOT training. Many are low-cost, high-quality programs used by large and small businesses nationwide to fulfill DOT compliance requirements and other employer substance abuse training mandates. Use the link above this paragraph to have a program free preview sent to you.

Simply look for an uncomplicated style that is easy to understand. You will discover more comfort and control with your employees with the necessary tools to deal with substance abuse problems in the workplace. These are education and motivation to confront abusers without being intimidated.

Find a DOT Supervisor Training with Everything You Need

Find an online supervisor DOT supervisor training class that is complete with printable handouts and worksheets for quick review later on, test questions with in-depth explanations, and a Certificate of Completion. It is also customizable to your organizationís needs. For instance make sure you can get your logo on the front page image.  

So, You Only Need One DOT  Supervisor Training Class?

If you need training for up to five supervisors, then a drug alcohol course online DOT one class option is the program for your company. Do not spend extra money on a company-wide program if you donít need it.

But if you do need a company-wide program to training continuously as supervisors come and go, then you want a one flat rate program that goes on your website.  No fees. No subscriptions. No extra costs.

The DOT Supervisor Training Course Online DOT

If the drug alcohol course online DOT you choose isnít convenient, you arenít going to get the maximum benefits out of the program. Provide training for even the most remote supervisor by giving them access to an online program.

Online DOT supervisor training courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere by employee signing on to your web site. If you are not paying ridiculous subscription fees, you will have no additional costs, no matter how many supervisors you train.

Hint: If training is interrupted, you want a course can be saved so the supervisor can return to where they (you) left off at a later time.