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FrontLine Employee and WorkLife Excel are newsletters with effective articles that empower employees. Have you read an article in a magazine or newsletter, and then said to yourself, "Wow, I have always wondered about that, but never read about it until now!"? This is the type of newsletter you've just discovered.

FrontLine Employee and WorkLife Excel deliver easy to read, punchy, and powerful content that delve deeper to give employees useful information that grips their attention. Articles are written with the employer in mind, too. Our purpose is to reduce management headaches, prompt employees to get help for personal problems, and make them excited about improving relationships with their coworkers and managers supervisor. We are pro-employee and we are pro-employer in our approach to content.

Articles are written or approved by certified employee assistance professionals and licensed mental health professionals with experience working in the trenches resolving employee problems and intervening with behavioral risk. It shows. That's why the U.S. Congress chose us as their official newsletter. All 12,000 employees of the U.S. Congress get WorkLife Excel. And, you can too. But there is more to tell.

Both newsletters have the same content. WorkLife Excel is a "corporate looking" newsletter sent as PDF (or you can order it with print copies). Price is based on the number of employees in the organization. FrontLine Employee is editable, and it's perfect if you want your own newsletter without the work! It's ready to use when you get it, but you can change articles, add your own articles or pictures, or even create a different name that matches your company's personality. Print it, make a PDF, distribute it internally, or copy it as many times as you wish.

We suggest you have a contest to choose a name for your newsletter, and then leave it to us to send it to you each month. Send the name or your artwork, and then we'll set it up! Once you have it, simply paste it at the top of your newsletter each month.

You always get a PDF of your newsletter along with the format you chose. FrontLine Employee is one flat rate no matter what size your company. WorkLife Excel is a flat rate based upon total readership, and is available quarterly, bimonthly, or monthly.

FrontLine Employee and WorkLife Excel target twelve different personal and workplace productivity issues we have identified from our experience as keys to helping employees be happy, healthy, and productive. Each is a vital link in the mission to improve morale, raise productivity, increase job satisfaction, and achieve harmony in the workplace among employees. Here are those vital topics:
  • Workplace communication: conflict, personality issues, dealing with difficult people, attitude problems, issues, and "ulterior motives", etc.
  • Worker productivity tips: time management, organization, setting priorities, procrastination, etc.
  • Family, home, and community issues: Consumer issues, teenager issues, family stress, marital and couples harmony, resolving conflicts, work-life balance, ADHD issues, etc.
  • Personal fitness and emotional wellness: Exercise tips, getting more energy, depression, emotional wellness
  • Personal effectiveness and goal achievement: planning your career, getting more done, planning for retirement, New Year resolutions, managing money
  • Team building: Tips on better meetings, reducing conflict, improving communication, about cohesiveness, being a team player, etc.
  • Improving relationships with supervisors: communication, knowing what your supervisor wants, completing assignments all the way, making an impression,
  • Hot productivity and health topics: health issues in the news, ideas, and more
  • Stress management: ongoing tips, avoiding burnout, self-assessment,
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP version):  EAP education, confidentiality, what EAPs do, when to use your EAP
  • Workplace safety tips and injury prevention: Avoiding short-cuts, injury prevention, thinking safety, building a culture of safety, more ways to think about safety
  • Customer service issues: attitudes, difficult customers, peak performance, staying positive, keeping customers happy, reducing your own stress.
Subscribers to WorkLife Excel:
  • Hospitals
  • Private Industries
  • State Governments
  • Municipalities
  • the entire U.S. Congress staff of 12,000 employees
Subscribers to FrontLine Employee:
  • Universities
  • Mental Health Centers
  • State Governments
  • Canadian companies
  • International companies
  • Private Practices in Mental Health
  • Research and Technology firms