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Dan Feerst, Publisher
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Helping an Alcoholic Employee in Recovery

Did you see the business news released by the American Management Association in December that surveyed the most preferred ways of supervisor helping employees develop good communication, improved critical thinking, team building skills, collaborative thinking, and creativity?

The method more supervisor choose and prefer to use is "coaching".

You can lend value to your employer if not only know what coaching is, but can also teach and instruct supervisors in being effective coaches for their employees. I have the perfect, copyright free resource for you.

Helping supervisors learn how to coach or be better coaches may soon take on a lot of new energy because companies can't afford to ignore productivity or fear employee responses to maximizing their productivity. Employee assistance professionals many transferable skills to teaching supervisors how to be effective coaches. Leading these efforts requires plenty of soft skills and clinical skills of professional counselors most clearly have an edge.

Helping employees produce at the level top management would love them to produce has always been an elusive goal for managers, but one tool that is critical in making it even close to a reality is supervisor coaching.

Not all supervisors know what coaching is however, and even fewer can define the differences between coaching, mentoring, and supervising. Here is the bottom line: It is one thing to know how to do a job very well, but it quite a different thing to know how to share that knowledge and skill effectively so it can be learned and practiced.

So, here is an awesome resource, courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control that I found, which can help you gather information and training ideas to begin helping supervisors in your organization learn how to coaches or more effective coaches.

The CDC is spending time teaching supervisors in their organization how to be effective coaches, so they have published this material online.