Drug and Alcohol Awareness DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors
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This training meets or exceeds U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) mandatory compliance guidelines for Supervisor Training in Drug and Alcohol Awareness Consisting of 60 Minutes of Alcohol Education and 60 Minutes of Other Drugs Education

Components include: Audio Visual material, extensive handouts, educational test questions and discussion answer-check features, with personalized, dated, Certificate of Completion.
The U.S Department of Transportation requires that supervisors who supervise employees in regulated safety-sensitive positions, be training in workplace substance abuse. DOT training and DOT supervisor training generally addresses substances of abuse, but few actually education DOT supervisors in the the myths and misconceptions about drug and alcohol abuse necessary to break the grip of denial and complacency inherent to most people who otherwise have long-term held biases or misunderstandings about alcohol abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, drug addiction and how these illnesses affect the employee and those around him or here. This program not only meets the DOT compliance standard but motivates supervisors to act and reduce risk o the organization. The program consists of two hours of material in substance abuse awareness. The following quickly links to parts of the reasonable suspicion training online above: Reasonable Suspicion Training formats; DOT Supervisor Training Checklist of Handouts and Parts; Example: DOT Alcohol and Drug Awareness Education Tips Handouts for Supervisor