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Being a good supervisor doesn't usually come naturally

It takes practice. But by cultivating the necessary skills for new supervisors, you can become an effective leader and create a productive, safe workplace.

Two of the most important skills for new supervisors to acquire are properly observing and documenting employee performance. Apply a consistent set of criteria to every employee and document the good and the bad in a fair, balanced way.

Observation and documentation are linked to two additional skills for new supervisors: evaluating performance and mastering constructive confrontation. Performance evaluations should be ongoing and, if needed, confrontations should be planned carefully for maximum effectiveness.

Appropriately giving feedback is also a skill that must be honed. Feedback should be given on employee’s weaknesses and strengths. 

Supervisors need to know how to properly resolve coworker conflicts. The key is to pick your battles judiciously and focus on shared goals when refereeing disputes. 

Near the top of the “skills for new supervisors” list is delegating work and following up.

Knowing how to hand off the right assignments to the right people is important in maximizing workplace efficiency. Tackling employee discipline correctly is also important in maintaining productivity.

Rather than a form of punishment, discipline should be viewed as an educational opportunity. It is just as important for supervisors to keep inspiring and praising employees to build morale.

Every supervisor must learn how to build a productive team. By choosing the right people and getting them to believe in a shared goal, the ground work is laid for a winning team. As the link between the team and upper management, supervisors must effectively communicate with their superiors to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Of all the skills for new supervisors to acquire, many supervisors dread having to investigate complaints and incidents. However, by taking an unbiased, fact-based approach, supervisors will be on their way to handling complaints correctly.

Other skills for new supervisors that are needed are managing employees who are unfit for duty and acting to prevent violence. Dealing with unfit for duty employees and potentially dangerous situations can be unpleasant.

Supervisors must know how to calmly and effectively handle these situations so safety in the workplace can be maintained. This overview of skills for new supervisors is just the beginning. Good supervisors are continually learning how to better manage and communicate with their employees.

Powerful supervisory training modules delivered in 4-7 minutes by Flash Video, PPT, DVD, or through a Web Course you own and control. This is precisely what you have been looking for--education for your supervisors on the skills and topics they need so badly.

These are intense "all meat--no fluff" training modules. Each is delivered (when you choose flash) with one click. Your supervisors access training anytime and from anywhere by simply going to your website. You own these educational programs and there are no extra fees, no subscription costs, nothing additional to buy or renew.

Use the form link above or phone me--Daniel Feerst, Publisher of 14 Vital Skill for Managers at 1-800-626-4327. If you decide you want this program, order it now, then pay later. Fax skills for new supervisors brochure. The fax is 843-884-0442.

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What this Training Will Do . . .

  • Buy the best approach to new supervisor training so they can brush-up on key skills and learn new ones with the best approach to training--short Flash videos.
  • From your Web site, computer-based training easily accessed by supervisors 24/7 "on the fly"
  • From your Web site, e-mail the "launch link" for any topic any supervisor needing help, or every supervisor in your organization. Buy supervisor training in short, flash video formats
  • Train struggling supervisors with performance issues and problematic supervision styles
  • Reduce stress and fear among new supervisors often the result of no training or experience.
  • Improve employee productivity with better trained supervisors
  • Train new supervisors faster--get them up to speed and meet your training goals faster
  • Improve your own HR, EAP, or top management skills and your ability to coach—improving your value as an internal consultant
  • Reduce risk of employment practices liability (EPL related lawsuits) from the missteps and ignorance common among new supervisors
  • Improve relationships with top management by clearly giving them a useful resource they need
  • Improve the job satisfaction of supervisors
  • Experience fewer headaches from grievances and complaints that employees bring to your office as a direct result of problematic relationships with supervisors
  • Get untrained supervisors out of the shadows where they currently place your organization at risk from lack of skills they won't admit they have
  • Improve your supervisors' ability to act earlier when problems emerge, consult properly with your department and keep top management informed of critical issues
  • Demonstrate that managers were trained and that your organization exercised due diligence in matters concerning how employees are treated.
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