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Respect Training Education Class
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Mastering the Respectful Workplace . . .
  • Train and educate employees about bias and help them understand how to promote a respectful, inclusive, and harmonious workplace.
  • Reduce risk to your workplace by helping eliminate inappropriate behavior
  • Help employees faced with disciplinary, conduct, or interpersonal conflicts based upon prejudice using this program as a remedial tool and means showing that your organization took due care to address a personnel problem
  • Finally have a no-fluff, educational tool with content employees understand in simple terms they won't forget
  • Improve employee self-awareness and self-control, encourage the rejection of inappropriate behavior, and help them become change agents who refuse tolerate discrimination, inappropriate behaviors, and hurtful communication that damage morale.

  • DVD, Web Video, Web Course, PowerPoint -- complete with handouts, test questions, and more.

Stop disrespect at work and promote a positive work workplace. This program examines ten common areas associated with disrespect and empowers and energizes employees to make changes and encourage changes in peers.
Promises of this Product
  • Improve morale by stopping and intervening with disrespect--literally overnight!
  • Help employees understand not just one or two, but all the areas of disrespect that often continue in organizations, unaddressed, and place companies at risk for productivity losses, absenteeism, even workplace violence
  • Gain cooperation and support from every employee and instill responsibility to set a positive example and behave in a proper manner on the job which will not offend, embarrass, or humiliate others
  • Improve the productivity of employees by stopping behaviors that breed conflict
  • Experience fewer headaches from grievances and complaints employees bring to top management or human resources due to problematic relationships on the job
  • Encourage new attitudes toward those who are different or at a disadvantage socially, occupationally, or by socioeconomic status
  • Reduce risk of employment claims and lawsuits, threatening letters from attorneys, and the legal costs associated with managing these communications
  • Reduce stress, worry, liability, and concerns your leadership and corporate officers face from risk and exposure associated with disrespect
  • Encourage employees to be proactive and "step in" to disapprove of, and discourage disrespectful behavior when they witness it among peers
  • Demonstrate employees were trained and educated in respectful workplace practices to help protect your company against punitive court actions for failure to be promote a positive workplace
  • Champion social responsibility. Demonstrate your company is ahead of the curve in dignifying all employees--be a leader in your community
  • With the web course, train all employees and retain certificates of completion that document education and awareness
  • Easily train employees--even the employees who missed live training by emailing them a hot link to the web course
  • Educate supervisors and hold them accountable for intervening in disrespect and not participating in disrespectful behavior by setting an example for others
  • Train new employees immediately, without waiting, and start them off on the right foot by helping them understand and appreciate your positive work culture and its zero tolerance for disrespect
  • Encourage diversity and positivity. Show the community that your organization values respectful behaviors, diversity, and tolerance. These are assets for any company that help them compete--while improving the reputation of your work organization in the local community
  • Gain positive publicity for respectful workplace training and lead other organizations in promoting a positive work culture
  • Reduce workplace conflicts and disrespectful behavior that jeopardize individual dignity, self-esteem, well-being, and undermine work relationships, friendships, and productivity.
  • Help employees act early to stop being disrespected
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