Part-time jobs for teenager
Copyright ©2010 by Danielle Feerst. P.O. Box 2006, Mount Pleasant, SC 29465. (843) 884-3632. 101 Jobs for Teens is a project to help teens and youth create, locate, learn, become knowledgeable about 101 different job opportunities. It's perfect for part-time jobs for teenager job seekers.
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101 Jobs for Teens
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101 Ways to Find
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Part-time Jobs for Teenagers

There are many kinds of part-time jobs for teenagers. It's hard however to find them online. They are however in your community, but you need a guidebook to prompt your curiosity and help you find them.

There is one source with over 100 ideas of such jobs along with job descriptions and educational hyperlinks in it that can make your task easier. It's seven dollars and you can buy it here: part-time job for a teenager.

The resource guide is an E-book called 101 Jobs for Teens. It is a project of DFA Publishing LLC and Danielle Feerst. This E-book is an inexpensive gem that lists jobs, their descriptions, super-educational hyperlinks about each job, and the encouragement to get out there into the big world and grab one of these opportunities.

Part-time jobs for teenager are plentiful, but they tend to be hidden. This book will  help you uncover them all or give you solid ideas on where to look. Itís possible that you may create a job that doesnít even exist with this unique guide by speaking with owner of a business and convincing  him or her to hire you for a particular function.

So, you will find yourself encouraged with this book to create your own part-time job for a teenager. As a teen with a hunger for a part-time job for a teenager, where does your passion lie? Is it baking, fixing things up, helping people with details, or keeping thing clean an organized. This book contains dozens of jobs that can help you fulfill your passion.

Right now youth employment is at a record low. The ability to create your own job may be your greatest opportunity. The 101 Jobs for Teens E-book gives you several opportunities for doing precisely this, and perhaps making more money than an employer would pay.