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Turn Any Presentation Into Six Ways to Train!
Let EAPtools.com explode the reach of your trainings, presentations, and orientation programs. We will add a more professional look to every one, and place in your hands the flexibility needed to impress others with the performance capabilities and revenue generating potential of your services.

You're going to the next level in your business.

EAPtools.com technicians and artists will transform your stand-up presentations, brown-bag lectures, orientations, or even your ideas into eye-popping media marvels with the right format for any training need.

With the right format and capability, you will save money, time, energy, and travel expense. Your message will reach more clients, patients, customers, employers, supervisors, and family members. You'll be to able train in the middle of night or around the world. And you'll reach the ones who "just couldn't make it" to the training.

With new training capabilities, you will grow faster, and you will realize the true potential of your programs. You will impress existing customers and you will become a top choice of prospective customers because, quite simply, they can see and hear your value.

It's about help. And it's about reducing behavioral risk exposures for your customers. It's about reaching more people who need you and what you offer.

When we produce a training program, any of the formats shown below are available. After completion, if your program has sound, any additional format, except a web course, is available for only a minor charge.

  • Web course with Certificate of Completion
  • Sound/animated PowerPoint Show
  • Presenter Controlled Dynamic PowerPoint
  • Portable, Go Anywhere, Autorun/Self-Executing CD
  • DVD for Computer Drive or Standard DVD Player
  • Web-ready Flash Movie Upload

The Talent
EAPtools.com staff associates include nationally and internationally known professional writers, English and Spanish voice talent professionals, Spanish translation experts, and PowerPoint experts who have literally written the book on Advanced PowerPoint techniques, like Geetesh Bajaz, author of Advance PowerPoint Techniques for Dummies.

Get started right now by completing the Action! form below or by phoning me at 1-800-626-4327. We can make it simple or complex. And we can fit your budget so you won't pay an arm and a leg.

Discover the excitement of how to use and understand the power visual/audio tools to help you succeed, and just as important, reach those who need what you offer.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary, but the cost of a professionally produced, sound-based presentation is very affordable. And remember, additional media formats in DVD, Flash, Self-run CD, a Web course, or PowerPoint formats are very inexpensive. Once you own the program, it's yours to copy, or allow us to make additional copies for you. We are excited about helping you, and know we can bring your ideas to life.

Fill out the form below, but don't worry about having the answers to every question now. I will phone you to discuss your needs or ideas.
Your training and presentation tools are going to the next level.

Request View of Sample
  • PowerPoint programs that you control
  • PowerPoint with Voice and Animation
  • DVD of a PowerPoint Point Show
  • Flash for "Click of a Button" Use on Your Web site
  • Automatic Launching CDs on Any Computer
  • Web Courses with Lots of Features and Capability
  • Discounts on Multiple Formats