Online DOT Training, Online Training DOT, Training
Online DOT Training, Online Training DOT, Training
"This Online DOT training courses program in drug and alcohol awareness was easy for me to modify to meet my needs today—exactly what I was looking for. I needed to develop a course quickly in DOT training that was online, but I didn't want to kill myself doing it. The content was well developed and broad enough that I could adjust the run time by dropping a few slides rather than having to add slides to make it longer. Thanks!"

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Online DOT Training, Online Training DOT, Training
Online DOT Training, Online Training DOT, Training
Online DOT Training or Offline DOT Training in Reasonable Suspicion and Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Training Online DOT Supervisors

(Online DOT Web Course, DVD, PowerPoint, and Flash Movie Formats)
These Online DOT Training courses contain or are accompanied by:
  • Professional voice narration
  • Multiple handouts for Online DOT training supervisor for future use and reference
  • 35 Questions and answers with feedback and correction capability. Our goal is DOT training Online and reducing liability by helping all learners achieve 100%.
  • Your policy, procedures, referral form (optional) inserted into the web course format.
  • Imprinted Certificate of DOT training with imprinted name, score, date, and time stamp of DOT training online date.
  • Five different available formats of your choice to match your training DOT needs and discounts on multiple formats, 50% discount on additional formats.
  • Optional photo customization to match employees of your work culture. Phone 1-800-626-4327 for details.
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Online DOT Training

Online DOT Training: Convenience of Online Training

Although DOT training can be offered within a facility, many drivers are discovering the convenience of Online DOT training. Working online is an effective study method for employees that are able to maintain focus on the course materials. Course materials typically cover the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol. Abusing is dangerous for the driver and those working around the driver. Many drivers handle large semi-trucks when transporting materials. If a driver's mind is clouded by drug or alcohol use, they risk harming other employees or causing damage to company property that would result in financial loss.

Online DOT training courses provide the safety requirements

That includes stopping the use of drugs and alcohol. If a driver has a problem using, there are many programs that can help them quit. A good example of a program that will be mentioned in a training course is rehabilitative services. Rehab centers provide a safe and effective way to encourage drivers to stop using so that they are more productive while at work. In all honesty, training courses that help drivers stay aware of the dangers of drug and alcohol use can also improve home life as well.

Parts of online DOT training courses

Drivers will be taught what signs to look for in terms of potential drug and alcohol abuse among their coworkers. Should the use of drugs and alcohol be suspected, it is important for the driver to be able to tell the supervisor so that the supervisor can handle the situation before it becomes a dangerous problem. Training courses point out suspicious behaviors so that it is easy to recognize the signs of drug and alcohol abuse. These courses are not directed at drivers alone. In fact, supervisors must take these courses as well.

Supervisors who takes part in online DOT training courses

Will experience the convenience of online training as well. Online training enables them to learn at their own pace while developing a strong understanding of how to effectively handle situations involving drivers that use drugs or alcohol. If drivers are using drugs and alcohol, the supervisor must be able to step in and put a stop to the problem before it becomes dangerous. The greatest thing about online courses is that they allow drivers and supervisors to work on their own time rather than going to a facility that may cut into their hours of work.

Dot Training Requirements 

These training courses may include teaching about the dangerous of drug and alcohol abuse by employees in the work place or maintaining safety requirements when working with hazardous materials, otherwise known as hazmat training.  It is essential to teach employees and supervisors how to properly handle hazardous materials since we are a nation that thrives on the use of paints, fibers, and natural gas.  We use chemicals to clean our kitchens or keep our pools clean and these materials have to be shipped from one location to another.

In order to keep employees safe, most human errors occur because of workers not knowing how to properly handle, ship, stock, and load hazardous materials.  There are also employees that reported that they did not know what to do in the event of an incident.  Training corrects this lack of knowledge.

Training courses offer a combination of effective teaching methods ranging from computer based models, videos, handouts, exercises, quizzes, and tests.  An instructor grades the quizzes and tests to determine whether a person is eligible of transporting hazardous materials.  Training requirements can be taken many ways.

Even your employer can offer you hazmat training if you are interested in transporting hazardous materials.  Most drivers are paid more to transport hazardous materials and therefore, many drivers will benefit from this training.

They are developed by the Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).  Learning about the HMR will allow drivers and employers to learn the proper way to package, store, load, and ship hazardous materials in order to heighten the safety of employees working around these materials.

The employee must be familiar with the various classification developed by the HMR as well as HMR mandated requirements, and specified information that is developed for specific types of hazardous material or hazardous incidents.

Watch a brief overview video of DOT Requirements for Training Supervisors

DOT Training Courses: Hazmat DOT Training Courses

Many drivers work around hazardous materials. That is why it is so important for them to know how to safely store, load, and ship hazmat materials. Prior to working with hazmat materials, drivers must take DOT training courses to learn how to responsibly handle potentially dangerous material. During training, the drivers watch videos, read handouts, and take tests and quizzes. A subject of importance that can come up during hazmat training is the use of drugs and alcohol. A driver that abuses drugs and alcohol poses serious risks to employees while working around hazardous materials.

If a hazmat driver is abusing drugs and alcohol, it increases the chance of human error. The DOT has explored driver related incidents and found that most of them are a result of human error. That includes not knowing how to properly handle hazmat materials or not knowing what to do in the event of an incident. However, these incidents are also the result of human error that stems from drug and alcohol abuse. If a driver is using while on the job, they put their life and the lives of civilians at risk while on the road. If the driver is transporting hazmat materials, the risk significantly increases.

The supervisor learns how to effectively handle an employee that is suspected of abusing drugs and alcohol in order to reduce the risk of working around hazmat materials. The supervisor has to make sure that all materials are handled and shipped properly in order to reduce potential incidents. That means that the supervisor must be willing to step in with an authoritative tone to put an end to reckless behavior, including drug and alcohol abuse, while working around hazardous materials. An effective supervisor is capable of keeping himself and his team safe.

Supervisors may also offer training courses to employees so that they are aware of the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol while working around hazardous materials. However, it is important to remember that it is dangerous to abuse drugs and alcohol even for a driver that does not work around hazmat materials. Effective training courses increase awareness about the dangers of overall drug and alcohol abuse and train employers and employees how to handle hazmat materials that they work around from storage methods to shipping.DOT Training Course: What Happens During a DOT Training Course?
  • During a DOT training course, a supervisor and a team of drivers learn how to work as an effective and responsible team

There are courses that teach about the dangerous of drug and alcohol abuse by drivers and there are courses that teach employers and employees about working around hazardous material. Courses explain why it is so important that a team of drivers not abuse drugs and alcohol. It poses a risk hazard to the driver, the other drivers, and civilians on the road. The driver that is abusing runs the risk of causing an accident that can result in loss of life and company financial loss as well.

Employees must understand their roles and responsibilities through handouts, videos, testing, quizzes, and scenarios. Not only do courses teach these responsibilities, they also test to make sure that the employer and employees are capable enough of handling their individual roles. Obviously, a supervisor who cannot effectively practice authority among a team of drivers would not be fit for the role of supervisor. The instructor of a training course can determine problem areas that need to be worked on during training as well.

  • During the Training Courses (preview) employees will also learn how to deal with drug and alcohol abuse problems

They are taught why abusing is so dangerous to themselves and to others. In the event of drug and alcohol abuse, they are told about programs that they can use to stop abusing. Rehab facilities, counseling, and reducing life stressors are all important for drivers to know about. Supervisors that have to confront drivers can suggest programs to their drivers in the event that they suspect drug and alcohol abuse and courses teach them how to approach and talk to a driver.

These are particularly helpful for potential supervisors. The supervisor can get a feel for potentially uncomfortable situations. A good example of a helpful scenario is teaching the employer how to handle a non-compliant employee. If a supervisor suspects that a driver is using drugs and alcohol, they must demand drug testing. The driver could potentially refuse and become difficult to deal with. Real life scenarios enable the supervisor to learn how to handle these refusals and difficult behavior.