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Newsletter Services: What WorkLife Excel Offers as a
Newsletter Service

WorkLife Excel isn't just a newsletter service that sends a PDF for use by your employees or the print copies for distribution. We have a few other services to offer that are important to understand. One or two of them may be specifically what you are looking for in a newsletter service.

Many companies put together their own newsletter. They have an existing newsletter service, but that newsletter service is authoring employee newsletter content for the company. This is the hard part. Authoring content that is meaningful takes thought and energy. Most companies can assign this task to one or two employees, but there three major drawbacks.
  • Newsletter Service Solution #1: Problem: Assigning the job of writing content to an employee places that employee in the position of hyper-pressure, procrastination, and risk for embarrassing the organization, because eventually the newsletter will be late. Remember, you aren't hiring a full time writer. You are assigning newsletter content writing as a collateral duty. This is a minefield almost no company can cross. Solution: WorkLife Excel solves this problem simply because we are full time in this business. In 17 years of newsletter writing, we have never been late.
  • Newsletter Service Solution #2: Problem: Lack of work-life-productivity-wellness experience of your internal writer. The content of your newsletter must grab attention. That means professionals with expertise in understanding workplace issues should play a vital role in content development. Solution: WorkLife Excel writers are licensed professionals in employee assistance and supervisory workplace practices consulting. We author FrontLine Supervisor newsletter service, Empleado de Frontline newsletter service, Supervisor Tips (for single use in smaller companies), and FrontLine Employee newsletter service which is a completely editable newsletter in MS Word or MS Publisher.
  • Newsletter Service Solution #3: Problem: Time consumption by your internal newsletter content writer with other unrelated workplace duties. It takes time to write content and come up with ideas. Many companies have employees writing newsletters and scouring the Internet for hours or days. Solution: WorkLife Excel authors content quickly and researches continually.

Why are we so sure you'll love WorkLife Excel?

WorkLife Excel is the only newsletter for the workplace written, produced, and published by licensed professionals who are experts in employee assistance with extensive "in-the-trenches" consulting, training, and team-building experience. Only those with the experience write and/or approve content.

We discovered long ago what format of newsletter works best. So, we select color images for high impact and we deliver a welcomed frequency of two pages, monthly.

Get WorkLife Excel in print, pdf, or both. It always arrives a week early. You'll never be in a rush to get it out. Start today by faxing this order form.
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