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Repurposing Leadership Training Is a Cost-Effective Solution for Getting More Out of Your Training Dollars

At WorkExcel, we recognize that leadership and management training is generally thought of in two different ways:

1.       On the one hand, there are leadership training programs focused on such things as personality traits, communications inventories, and situational leadership styles. These leadership training courses are intended to help someone develop the qualities of a being leader, and are often called executive leadership training programs.

2.       On the other hand, there are leadership training programs focused on helping front-line managers accomplish the goals of day-to-day people management. 

The second type of leadership training program is intended to help managers learn the techniques and practical approaches for evaluating employee performance, giving effective feedback, addressing conflict, delegating and following up, etc.

These programs are also often intended, rightly so, to demonstrate that managers were trained correctly and that the organization took responsibility for decreasing legal claims or accusations of wrongfully treated employees.

All Leaders Benefit from Basic Leadership Training

These two types of leadership and management training are not always mutually exclusive. All managers, whether executive or front-line, can benefit from brushing up on their leadership skills training. And all managers can benefit from focusing on leadership traits and improving their leadership qualities.

However, the critical manager leadership training in an organization is focused on the front-line manager, because it is here that:

·        Employee engagement and productivity begin.

·        Escalation of employee complaints can be stopped before they start.

One of the challenges for an organization is how to provide front-line management with consistent, high-quality leadership training courses that lead to these outcomes without significant expense.

The answer might lie in using scalable leadership training programs, such as the one provided by us at WorkExcel, which we have designed specifically for the purpose of being that exact solution.

How to Scale Your Leadership Training Courses to Get More Out of Them

An organization using scalable leadership training programs has the flexibility to respond to differing needs without great expense. For example, a savvy, cost-conscious training department or organization would benefit from starting with a simple web-based, online leadership training course, such as WorkExcel’s Oh-So-Easy Leadership Training Course, and repurposing that content in a variety of ways.

PowerPoint Repurposing

One way to repurpose online leadership training is by creating a custom PowerPoint version of a course for live delivery as an executive leadership training course or live front-line leadership skills training class.

By using the core content of a basic online leadership and management training program, your content does not need to be designed from scratch—only customized.

At WorkExcel, when you purchase our Oh-So-Easy Leadership Training Program, it’s yours to do with as you please. You do not have to pay for additional site licenses, per-trainee fees, or access fees. A low, one-time purchase price gets you all the completely editable files to continuously repurpose the content as you wish, from executive leadership training to front-line supervisor and manager leadership training.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Another example of how you can repurpose online training is by taking that same leadership training program and converting it to play as a pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation, complete with audio narration and automatically playing slides. This is ideal for an informal class situation where, perhaps there is no live trainer available, but a facilitator could play the recorded version then pause occasionally for discussion and exercises.

Flash Movie Repurposing

A similar repurposing would be taking a recording of an online leadership training course and converting it to a flash movie. When a training department wants to focus on education, leadership training can be delivered via internet, intranet, or LMS, complete with testing and certification. But, when the department wants to provide simple manager leadership training reinforcement, a flash movie version of that course provides a quick review of content without the rigors of a complete training exercise.

Recognizing that companies would often want to use content in these ways, WorkExcel has gone one step ahead and done it for you already.

As part of our low price, you will not only get a complete online leadership training program, you will also get a pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation and flash movie to use in the ways described above. How nice to have it done for you!

Self-Playing CD

And there are still other ways to repurpose that same basic content. Next, imagine you are at a recruiting fair, a sales conference, tradeshow, health fair, or anywhere else that you might be meeting potential customers or employees.

How convenient to be able to show your manager leadership training content on a self-playing CD that you can run continuously as an inducement to prospects who drop by your display. You can demonstrate your commitment to providing leadership training courses, and at the same time, having a continuously running CD is like having an extra person in the booth with you—without the added expense!

On-the-Go DVD

And there’s still one more way to repurpose that original web-based leadership content. You can convert your content to DVD for use by managers who do not have online access to training, such as when travelling. Of course, when you purchase WorkExcel’s Oh-So-Easy Leadership Training Course, both the CD and DVD versions of the training are also included.

We’ve now explored six different ways of repurposing the same leadership and management training:

·         Web-based online leadership training.

·         Live leadership skills training using PowerPoint—customizable for different audiences including executive leadership training.

·         Recorded PowerPoint for the purpose of group training without using a formal trainer.

·         Flash movie for reinforcement.

·         CD for automatic continuous play at tradeshows, recruiting fairs, and other events.

·         DVD for those managers who need to be training while on the road.

We at WorkExcel recognize that when your focus is on reducing price of management education, leadership training that can be repurposed is your most cost-effective solution to getting the most out of your training dollars.

That’s why we’ve designed our Oh-So-Easy Leadership Training Course to give you all six of these solutions for one low price.

Repurposing Is Not-only Cost Effective—the Training Actually Works Better that Way!

With recent economic pressures forcing companies to reduce spending on leadership training programs and increase results per dollar spent, repurposing training is not only the most cost-effective solution. It’s also the most effective at getting the results needed.

Consider what every trainer and teacher knows: That repeated training in a variety of authentic situations is the key to acquiring knowledge and skill. One-time classes just don’t cut it with something as complex as leadership skills training.

The more applicable the training is to a person’s job needs, the more likely the knowledge and skills will be learned and applied. And when readily available to your manager, leadership training courses are more likely to be accessed and used. Even executive leadership training needs to be accessible for those times when your upper managers need to refresh their memory.

Desire to Learn Meets Accessibility of Content

Certainly, in a company focused on advancement and education, leadership training courses are a vital part of the employee development. By having leadership and management training content available through a wide range of approaches, you not only serve existing managers, you serve employees who want to advance into management by learning the skills they need early-on. We know that desire for advancement is a key part of wanting to learn new skills.

In this way, every employee to some extent can benefit from education, leadership training, and mentoring in leadership skills.

There are other factors in the successful acquisition of leadership training course content. One of those is course design, which we’ll talk about in more detail in just a moment. To ensure success, leadership training courses—like WorkExcel’s Oh-So-Easy Leadership Training Course—must offer sound, well-designed content that leads adults up the learning curve, from introductory to advanced content.

Coming back to the point that such training must also be cost-effective, it stand to reason that by taking a well-designed online leadership training program and then repurposing it, all of the repurposed content will share its core strengths.

In a struggling economy, a strong training program that has the capability of being repurposed becomes one of the important criteria for selecting leadership training program resources. 

What Sort of Online Leadership Training Course Is Appropriate for Repurposing?

Essentially, you want to start with a basic leadership and management training program, rather than one with a highly specific audience, such as executive leadership training or training for factory managers.

For instance, when using a basic performance evaluation leadership training course, you’d want something that just explained the essential facts about evaluating performance, rather than a course with a lot of built-in stories and examples.

Just the Fact, Please

 The basic facts describe the essential leadership skills training needed, without embellishment. This allows you to customize the basic presentation with your own examples and stories to illustrate how it’s done in your environment.

Where an organization emphasizes education, leadership training in basic supervisory and people-management skills through a program like WorkExcel’s Oh-So-Easy Leadership Training Course ensures that leaders meet required management standards and understand what’s expected of them.

Your customization of the basic program gives you the opportunity to expand their leadership skills training by providing your own enriching examples.

Before embarking on a repurposing program, you want to choose a complete manager leadership training program that provides all the essential basic skills managers need to direct day-to-day business in their departments.

14 Vital Skills

Those essential basics involve such things as a delegation, documentation, disciplining, communicating with bosses, giving feedback, etc. In fact, there are 14 vital skills that new managers need as part of their basic management education.

 Leadership training in these skills ensures that managers and supervisors function effectively, and our WorkExcel Oh-So-Easy Leadership Training Course ensures they get the correct training by providing a separate course for each vital skill.  

Your core leadership training program should be succinct enough that adding your own content, stories, examples and exercises does not make each segment unwieldy. In other words, by starting with a short, powerful, generic piece of content that provides one essential skill, you can choose to leave it at that for the purpose of quick training bites, or fatten it up for meatier live training events. Even executive leadership training benefits from brevity!

Of course, we recognize that it would take a significant amount of project management, instructional design, and audio-visual resources to repurpose a full manager leadership training course like this. That’s why at WorkExcel we’ve done it for you.

By use of our Oh-So-Easy Leadership Training Course, you’ll achieve core training in the 14 vital skills of supervisory and management roles. Call us at 1-800-626-4327 or send us an email if you have any questions about any of our program, or simply click here to order WorkExcel’s Oh-So-Easy Leadership Training Course today!

What 14 Vital Skills for Leadership and Management Training Will Do . . .
  • Improve the productivity of supervisors and managers
  • Experience fewer headaches from grievances and complaints that employees bring to top management or the human resources office due to problematic relationships with supervisors
  • Encourage new supervisory skills development and reduced risk of employment claims, wrongful termination, and wrongful discipline
  • Improve supervisors' willingness to act sooner when problems emerge, consult with the proper internal company resources regard tough employee behavior management issues, and communicate better with next-lever management
  • Demonstrate your managers were trained and that your organization exercised its responsibility for training supervisors on critical issues to protect employees, practice fairness, eliminate harassment, and reduce legal claims and charges of wrongdoing in the treatment of employees.
  • Help supervisors and managers brush-up on key skills and learn new one they never quite understood
  • From your website, train supervisors and managers 24/7 
  • From your Web site, e-mail any course link to one manager or every manager.
  • Train struggling and problematic managers with performance issues and troublesome supervision styles
  • Reduce stress and fear among new supervisors due to inadequate training or inexperience
  • Improve employee productivity with better supervisors
  • Train supervisors faster and give them a resource then can access the moment they need it, day or night.
  • Improve your HR skills and ability to internally consult and coach supervisors.
  • Reduce risk of employment practices liability from the missteps and ignorance characteristic of many managers, especially new managers
  • Improve your EAP, HR department, or other department's ability to help managers by broadening the scope of services and education you offer

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