Leadership Training Development Programs Online or Website
Leadership Training Development Programs Online or
Leadership Training Development Programs Online or
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Leadership Training Development Programs Online or
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Leadership Training Development Programs Online or Website
Leadership Training Development Programs
Leadership Training Development Programs Online
Training Development Programs on Website
Online Training Programs for Leadership Development
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Powerful leadership (ppt) PowerPoint training modules delivered in 4-7 minutes. You may also purchase Flash Video, PPT, DVD, or acquire a Web Course you own, upload to your website, and control. This is precisely what you have been looking for: education for your leadership on the vital skills and topics they need so badly.

Leadership Training Programs Online or Website – Come to Us First

Many companies are choosing to provide new supervisors with leadership training programs online, or website training. This method of training is relatively new, but it provides some excellent benefits, particularly if you enlist the services of the 14 Vital Supervision Skills program. Our Leadership Development Program Online is your one stop source for all of the important skills your new supervisors will need to build. We provide training on crucial skills such as communication with upper management, as well as delivering discipline when it is necessary. Our program also teaches supervisors how to give employees feedback in a constructive manner.

When you need to deliver leadership training programs online, or website training, we can help your supervisors avoid potentially costly mistakes. It is true that on the job learning is best. However, in management positions, there are simply too many things that could go wrong if new supervisors are left to handle things on their own with no guidance. The 14 Vital Supervision Skills program can show new supervisors the proper way to handle common situations, and the advice we provide will give them the skills they need to solve most problems that could arise.

WorkExcel.com is the company that sells 14 Vital Supervision Skills, and we can even give you access to a free preview of the program before you order. Once you see how thorough our program is, it may be the motivation you need to decide to provide Leadership Development Training Online or Video to your employees. We value your satisfaction, and once you purchase the program, you can add your own content to the PowerPoint presentations included in the program. This will make it easier to inform you new supervisors of your individual policies and procedures.

If you have been on the fence about whether or not to switch to this type of training, let the preview of 14 Vital Supervision Skills speak for itself. Once you purchase the product, you own the content it contains. You will not have to pay any subscription fees, and you will not have to worry about creating a username and password to remember. It is possible for you to upload the program’s content to your company website, so it will be easier for your supervisors to access the Leadership Training Development Program Online or Website anytime. This also makes it possible for them to consult the program for a refresher at any point in time.


Help leadership be more effective with these supervisor training modules available in six media formats, including PowerPoint (PPT), Flash video, a supervisor training DVD, or Web Course that you place on your own website.

You can preview them all--unabridged. Click here to see the program: View all of the 14 skills.

You get 14 different, short, supervisor training topics to help boost leadership capability. Or you can buy any of these skills separately.

Take a look at one of the new supervisor training courses here. Request all 14 skills as a hot link above. We will send it in a temporary link. You'll be able to zip through the entire program to see what's in it, view, and listen to all 14 programs--a total of 200 slides!

There is no cost or obligation for the full preview, just complete this form.

"By the way, Dan, I love the vital skills supervisor training course we purchased. It is comprehensive and will be a great asset for our managers and supervisors who cannot attend on-site training!" ------

-- Eileen Crochiere, President
EAP Network, Inc Taunton, MA

Call me--I am usually at my desk and I answer my own phone. I am the publisher, Daniel Feerst. My phone is 1-800-626-4327.

Or, in your e-mail body, state, "Please send me the link to an online preview of the 14 Vital Skills for Supervisors program" Send to: publisher@workexcel.com

I will return a live link of the unabridged course of 14 skills.

Use the form link above or phone me--Daniel Feerst, Publisher, at 1-800-626-4327. If you decide you want this program, order it now, then pay later. Fax using this brochure.

Start by requesting a free preview link to the full program - Here is the format of Leadership Training Programs Online or Website

Note: You must promise not to copy, retain, or otherwise store the information from the product if you do not make a purchase.

Thanks. Phone 1-800-626-4327 to arrange having this product sent to you
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Daniel Feerst, LISW

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What this Training Will Do . . .

    14 Skills for Supervisors and Managers
    • Improve the productivity of supervisors and managers
    • Experience fewer headaches from grievances and complaints that employees bring to top management or the human resources office due to problematic relationships with supervisors
    • Encourage new supervisory skills development and reduced risk of employment claims, wrongful termination, and wrongful discipline
    • Improve supervisors' willingness to act sooner when problems emerge, consult with the proper internal company resources regard tough employee behavior management issues, and communicate better with next-lever management
    • Demonstrate your managers were trained and that your organization exercised its responsibility for training supervisors on critical issues to protect employees, practice fairness, eliminate harassment, and reduce legal claims and charges of wrongdoing in the treatment of employees.
    • Help supervisors and managers brush-up on key skills and learn new one they never quite understood
    • From your website, train supervisors and managers 24/7 
    • From your Web site, e-mail any course link to one manager or every manager.
    • Train struggling and problematic managers with performance issues and troublesome supervision styles
    • Reduce stress and fear among new supervisors due to inadequate training or inexperience
    • Improve employee productivity with better supervisors
    • Train supervisors faster and give them a resource then can access the moment they need it, day or night.
    • Improve your HR skills and ability to internally consult and coach supervisors.
    • Reduce risk of employment practices liability from the missteps and ignorance characteristic of many managers, especially new managers
    • Improve your EAP, HR department, or other department's ability to help managers by broadening the scope of services and education you offer
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    Leadership Training Development Programs Online
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    Publisher: Daniel Feerst
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