Leadership Training Courses
Leadership Training Courses
DESCRIPTION: This is a 14-Part Leadership Training Course in  basic, yet crucial supervisory skills. The course helps instill skills that all supervisory personnel should know. The program is available in five formats: PowerPoint, Online Videos, Self-play (autorun) CDs, DVDs, and a Web Course with Certificate of Completion. The ideal use for the program on your internal company website where leadership personnel can go 24/7 to get precisely what they need to help them deal with a specific issue or need. Sold as a package or sold separately, we believe this program is completely unique. Some formats are also editable and "brand-able" with your logo.
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Leadership Training Courses
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Leadership Training Courses

Leadership Skills Training Courses – Creating Good Supervisors

Leadership skills training courses have always been helpful to new supervisors, and even more so now that many of them are computer-based.

Most people are very comfortable with technology today, and a form of training they are familiar with can take the anxiety out of their new job.

The training program 14 Vital Supervision Skills is creating good supervisors every day by giving new supervisors the tools they need to effectively and fairly manage their employees.

In addition to sharpening management skills, this program teaches new supervisors about the best ways to communicate with their employees.

When another employee files a complaint with a new supervisor about another employee, it is extremely important for the supervisor to handle the situation properly.

The 14 Vital Supervision Skills Leadership Training Courses can help supervisors learn how to confront the employee calmly without being accusatory. It teaches the importance of hearing the employee’s side of the story before any judgments are made.

This program can keep your company’s legal costs down because it shows new supervisors how to handle the problem and hopefully keep it out of court. The course also describes how to investigate incidents, so it would be a valuable asset to your company!

A good supervisor knows that a little praise will do wonders for an employee’s morale, and 14 Vital Supervision Skills will teach this principle to new supervisors.

New supervisors will learn the basics of when praise should be given and how specific it needs to be. Employees always enjoy hearing the words “good job,” but sometimes a supervisor needs to refer to past successes to encourage future ones. This requires specific feedback, and the program provides complete instruction on how to accomplish this.

Information about praise should be part of all leadership skills training courses. Likewise, instruction about constructive criticism is also present.

Coworkers do not always get along as well as they could, and it is important for new supervisors to learn how to handle the situation when coworker conflict can no longer be ignored. Extensive leadership skills training courses like 14 Vital Leadership Training Courses provide significant instruction in this area, as well as preventing violence in the workplace.

Good supervisors will be able to put this information to use and handle the conflict in a way that will allow everyone to benefit. Every employee deserves to have a good supervisor, and the 14 Vital Supervision Skills training course continues to make that possible.

What 14 Vital Skills for Leadership and Management Training Will Do . . .
  • Improve the productivity of supervisors and managers
  • Experience fewer headaches from grievances and complaints that employees bring to top management or the human resources office due to problematic relationships with supervisors
  • Encourage new supervisory skills development and reduced risk of employment claims, wrongful termination, and wrongful discipline
  • Improve supervisors' willingness to act sooner when problems emerge, consult with the proper internal company resources regard tough employee behavior management issues, and communicate better with next-lever management
  • Demonstrate your managers were trained and that your organization exercised its responsibility for training supervisors on critical issues to protect employees, practice fairness, eliminate harassment, and reduce legal claims and charges of wrongdoing in the treatment of employees.
  • Help supervisors and managers brush-up on key skills and learn new one they never quite understood
  • From your website, train supervisors and managers 24/7 
  • From your Web site, e-mail any course link to one manager or every manager.
  • Train struggling and problematic managers with performance issues and troublesome supervision styles
  • Reduce stress and fear among new supervisors due to inadequate training or inexperience
  • Improve employee productivity with better supervisors
  • Train supervisors faster and give them a resource then can access the moment they need it, day or night.
  • Improve your HR skills and ability to internally consult and coach supervisors.
  • Reduce risk of employment practices liability from the missteps and ignorance characteristic of many managers, especially new managers
  • Improve your EAP, HR department, or other department's ability to help managers by broadening the scope of services and education you offer

leadership training courses
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