Jobs Hiring Teenagers
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Jobs Hiring Teenagers

Employers with jobs hiring teenagers must be very careful about the number of hours they permit teenagers to work. You should always have your parents meet with the employer prior to taking on any position. This will ensure you are safe and that the employer knows the boundaries associated with work limits and hours.

You are in school and your school work and grades are far more important than a job. That said, I would strongly recommend that you visit a great website call This website has an author who makes it her business to know about the laws pertaining to this whole subject.  Just type into the search in the box to learn about jobs hiring teenagers.

Jobs hiring teenagers will ask about your working papers for example. You will need to get these from your school or possibly your state Department of Labor.

If you approach company that has hired teenagers in the past, find out who the contact is from other adult workers at the company. If all else fails, go directly to the human resources manager.

Use the 101 Teen Jobs to find your most passionate type of work. Study the educational links. Here are two of my favorite job descriptions from the book. (See below.) The position shown below represents the type of employer that would love to hire someone like yourself who they can pay well, but not as much as somebody ten years older and with more experience. Youth has its advantages!

One Cool Type of Work with Jobs Hiring Teenagers

Boys or girls, check out house painters. Jobs hiring teenagers often include house painters. Take a look at the yellow pages in your town. You will definitely find a lot of painting companies. Most are not old businesses. They are owned by late teen and early 20's young people. They love to hiring kids younger than themselves.

These house painters aren't rich. So they must pay lower wages. That's where you come in. How does $10 an hour sound!? For a teenager, that's a lot.

When I think of jobs hiring teenagers, I think of these types of businesses.

Painting houses can be a great summer job for many reasons you learn new business skills, you are physically active and often work outdoors, and you see the results of your efforts immediately.

House painters can be self-employed or work as part of a team. Generally, job duties include preparing and cleaning surfaces for painting (scraping, sanding, sandblasting, etc.), applying the paint, and cleaning up afterwards.  You may also be asked to suggest color choices and other decorating details, particularly if you focus on providing interior painting services.

There are other jobs hiring teenagers, of course. This is just one. Check out the guide and learn about many more!