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How to Make a Newsletter

I have been producing newsletters for my employer and creating newsletters for thousands of other employers for 17 years. I would like to give you the benefit of my successes and mistakes so you do not duplicate my stress and waste weeks, months, or years being frustrated feeling as though you can never catch up with your work.

If you are searching for information about how to make a newsletter you are likely either a human resource manager or someone who has been asked by your human resource manager to put together a company newsletter.

Many work organizations have newsletters. Some report company news only. Some newsletters are only for wellness, possibly purchased from a third party, and some companies purchase newsletters so that can give employees productivity tips. Some newsletters are distributed to companies, usually quarterly, from their health insurance or managed care company, but essentially there are three types of newsletters: Health and Wellness, Productivity, and Company News.

These three topics should be combined, not simply because it makes sense, but sometimes you will not have a need for business content and you can focus on wellness. Or, perhaps you have a lot of company news, and so you stress less wellness content.

Combine all three. If you are search for "how to make a newsletter", you will soon discover that these three topics are frequently crossing your mind. FrontLine Employee Newsletter has wellness, productivity, and health content. You, at your discretion can supply company news.

How to Make a Newsletter
How to Make a Newsletter - Top 9 Tips to Make Your Newsletter Sizzle

How to Make a Newsletter - Top 9 Tips to Make Your Newsletter Sizzle
By Jazmine Farley

Newsletter publishing is one of the best methods that successful businesses use to cost effectively grow their business. For a business to grow, revenues must increase. The most profitable way to increase revenues is to sell more products and services to existing customers.

The aim of newsletter publishing is for a business to build a relationship with its customers. It is all about the list. The newsletter subscription list is composed of your existing customer, prospects, industry watchdogs and maybe even perhaps your competitors. Newsletters are tools used by industry leaders and an ever-growing subscriber list is one of the most valuable assets that a business can develop. Starting a newsletter is simple but managing a newsletter to success can be a tough task. Many marketers complete the easy part and simply start the newsletter.

This article will attempt to explain a newsletter publishing strategy that considers all of the crucial elements of a successful newsletter publishing campaign.

1. Schedule the publication dates. The first item to consider is the frequency of publication. If you have a large budget, then by all means announce a monthly or even weekly newsletter publication schedule. But you had better have a pipeline of already completed newsletters ready to go. With smaller budgets, it is best to publish newsletters regularly, but without a target date commitment. Perhaps 10 issues per year or even quarterly.

2. Infuse your brand into the newsletter. The whole point of the newsletter is to build brand awareness and development a relationship with your customers. In this case, maintaining a consistent look and feel to your newsletter projects stability and facilitates the mode of communication.

3. Collect ideas for newsletter article topics. Ask others in your company to submit articles and/or brainstorm ideas with others in your department. Some of the best ideas for a newsletter are to spotlight a top customer or regularly provide case studies. Most customers enjoy the benefits of being featured in their supplier's newsletter.

4. If you are the primary author of your company's newsletter and you are in need of inspiration, consider taking a break, researching other newsletters or inviting a guest commentator to write an article. Attempt also to involve others in your company for regular contributions.

5. It is better to write a short newsletter with high quality articles than a long, boring newsletter with meaningless article content. Consider a regular series of company updates from the company CEO or President. If you are lucky, the CEO or his assistant will draft the article. Otherwise be prepared to ghost write the article. Customers want to hear from the man in charge.

6. Quality check your newsletter before distribution. Having spelling errors or grammatical mistakes will severely undermine your company's newsletter publishing goals. Most importantly ensure that all HTML hyperlinks are functional and various contact details are correct for your company.

7. No selling is allowed in your newsletter. The hard-sell strategy in newsletter articles is the fastest way to lose subscribers and ultimately customers. The purpose of a newsletter should be to educate, entertain and inform. Depending on your company style, you may emphasize either some or all of these approaches. Direct your newsletter subscribers to your website, 1-800 number or the business development e-mail address.

8. Do not skimp on newsletter distribution. If you have followed the advice in this article, then you have worked hard to generate valuable content for your subscribers. You will want to be certain that the newsletter is successfully delivered to your newsletter subscriber base and the way to make this happen is with a proper newsletter service for distribution.

9. Instead of using traditional newsletter distribution methods that involve hiring a newsletter distribution vendor, tracking performance and managing bounced e-mail, consider only publishing the newsletter to your website and then automating newsletter distribution with a "monitor this page form" from ChangeDetect. By exclusively publishing your company newsletter online and skipping the newsletter distribution step, you enjoy all of the benefits of traditional newsletter publishing without losing time and effectiveness from needing to manage e-mail subscribers directly (i.e. undeliverable e-mail, bounced e-mail, spam complaints etc.

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