EAPs Benefit the Entire Organization
  1. EAPs help retain employees and reduce turnover. . .It is possible that with the help of the EAP an employee who has been your most troublesome could become one of your most valued with the resolution of a personal problem.
  2. EAPs reduce risk of lawsuits. . . . Terminating employees, although sometimes necessary, can be legally risky. EAPs make it less likely that employees with performance problems will have to be terminated, thereby reducing the likelihood of legal challenges.
  3. EAPs help supervisors remain focused on performance. . . You are an expert on performance, not personal problems. An EAP makes it easier for you to do your job. EAPs also give you an alternative to tolerating poor performance, pleading with your employee to change, or figuring out how to terminate or transfer an employee.
  1. EAPs help supervisors troubleshoot difficult employee management situations. . . Employee assistance professionals have more experience than any other profession in consulting with supervisors on managing difficult employees. This experience builds into an extensive base of practical knowledge available within the EAP field.