You need a printer connected to your computer to participate in these courses.

 READ FIRST: Instructions - Please use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox for these courses. Test questions appear at the end of courses. After taking the quiz or test, a box for your name will appear when you hit the button "PRINT RESULTS". Place your name in the text box. And print your certificate that appears. Use the print button at the bottom of the certificate that appears or the "Ctrl + P" keys to print your certificate.
 Send certificate to your 99th DIV (R) ASAP/EAP testing administrator at: If you are interrupted during a course, your computer will ask if you wish to continue where you left off when you return. However, after completing test questions, Do Not close out of the course until you print your certificate

(A) New Employees to the Command:

    1. Employee Orientation to the EAP = START ]       
   2. Army Drug Free Workplace = START ]

(B) All Non-Supervisory:

       1.  Learn about prescription drug abuse START ]

    2.  Alcohol and Other Drugs at Work What Employees Should Know = START ] 

    3.  Beyond stress management--learn skills, techniques, and tactics for facing life challenges and bouncing back. = START ]

    4.  Understanding and Treating Depression = [ START ]


(C) All Supervisors

       1.  DOT Supervisor Training Course for Drug and Alcohol Awareness = START ]

       2.  Signs and Symptoms of Troubled Employees START ]

       3.  Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors = [ START ]

       4.  EAP Supervisor Training Essentials = [ START ]

       5.  Non-DOT Drug Alcohol Training for Supervisors  = [ START ]