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Dan Feerst, Founding Publisher1. Welcome.

To get started selling, download the sales kit from the link shown. It includes a sales agreement you must fax back to me at 843-884-0442 or email it to

2. Return the W-9 Form too required so you can paid.

3. The sales agreement states the terms of this arrangement, when you get paid, how, the SEVEN DAY probationary period works, and that you are not working as employee of DFA Publishing and Consulting, LLC, but as an independent telephone sales representative who is self-employed in this role directing your own schedule and work, unsupervised, and will give me advice to improve the telemarketing process as time passes. This warrants assures that you are not an employee of DFA Publishing and Consulting, LLC or Dan Feerst.

4. I will post notes on this page for telemarketing agents.

5. Put my email in your address book or "white list" so information I send to you does not go to your SPAM file.
Contractor Opportunity: Telemarketing Representative

Telemarketing Sales Kit - Download
Fax Forms to 843-884-0442

When forms are received, we will email information to get you started.

Click to Email Dan Feerst
the completed forms or fax to 843-884-0442

Getting leads. I will be acquiring lists with phone numbers to give you. You are free prospect on your own for leads, too. Start with businesses in your community. The target group that works best for this newsletter is any business between 25 and 250 employees. Those who contact me are often CEOs, those report directly to them, or HR managers. Any company is a potential buyer. The latest subscriber was the University of Alabama on December 7, 2013 (last update on this page) and later a company in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The City of Alphretta, Georgia subscribed several months ago. They have 350 employees. Some subscriber have over 50,000 employees, but they are hard to communicate with, so I suggest not trying.

Getting Paid: The fee per sale for independent telemarketing sales representatives is $200 per paid subscription, $300 for the sixth through ninth paid subscription occurring during the same calendar month, and 100% of the price of the 10th and subsequent subscription or $500 which ever is less. I will email payment via PayPal within 72 hours of collecting a payment from a successful trial subscription or other completed sale you produce. I shoot for the same day. If you require a check, it will posted on or before the 5th of the month following earned commissions. I need a completed IRS-W9 Form (see download above) before sending payment.

Script #1 First Contact with whoever answers the phone
Hello, my name is <John Smith>. May I speak with the director or administrator? I am calling in reference to an employee wellness and stress management newsletter that we are introducing to home health care employers with a free trial

Script #2 Reaching After Decision Maker
Hello, my name is <John Smith>. I from FrontLine Employee newsletter. We produce free trial workplace wellness and employee stress newsletter. It is completely editable and customizable to stop the burden of creating an internal employee newsletter. There is no bill or invoice for a three-issue trial. I am calling to see if you would to try it. It is called FrontLine Employee in MS Publisher or MS Word. Can we send it to you for three issues?

Your goal is to get trials. Do that by avoiding: 1) Badgering prospect (this is not selling); 2) Not leaving voice mails. 3) Calling later if can't reach or connect with decision maker (owner or administrator, HR manager). When you reach the bottom of the list, simply start over.


COPY AND PASTE MESSAGE BELOW; The prospect does not have your email, so let him or her check their spam file. You may wish to send a second email to see if they got the first one.

Email Subject Line:
re: Free Trial to FrontLine Employee


Hello, _______________

It was nice speaking with you today.
Thank you for allowing me the privilege of sending
you a free trial to FrontLine Employee newsletter.
In the link below is a full description of
FrontLine Employee and other information. There is
no invoice or bill. Of course, please, let us know if you
would like to continue.

Please see the very signficant bonus offer enclosed for those who continue.

We believe telephoning organizations is the smart way
for us to reach companies, so we appreciate your taking a look at this unique newsletter.

The newsletter helps enhance internal communication
and help staff manage stress, coworker relationships, and much more.
Our founding publisher is Daniel Feerst, MSW, LISW. You will hear from
him in the near future and he is always available at 1-800-626-4237.

Dan works with customers personally. His email is Please add his email to your address to
your address book so emails containing the newsletter do not go to
your SPAM file.
You'll see immediately that FrontLine Employee is as close
as you can come to your own newsletter without the work.

Here is what's in the link:

1. All About FrontLine Employee (Read this!)
2. Brochure
3. Testimonials
4. Sample/model Issue
5. Jan '14 Word with Graphics Format
6. Jan '14 MS Publisher Format
7. Jan'14 PDF Format
8. Jan'14 Text Only Articles Format
9. Bonus information (this is very big)
10. Permission Letter
11. About Us Link

Here is the link to your first issue and information:

To communicate with the publisher, click Dan's email We'll be sending you tips to
tell you more FrontLine Employee. Contact us at
any time so we can help your most valuable resource
...your employees.

<Your name>

This email is for the free trial information only and the first issue of FrontLine Employee, but you can click and type "unsubscribe" to have us no longer communicate with you.


These are resource links. Explore what's here. They are here in case you need them for some reason in your interaction with a prospect or potential subscriber. Explore them so you become familiar with what they are and how they might help in securing a sale.

Don't offer the following unless you are ALMOST 100% sure they will not be interested in a free trial -- and then use this link:
Sample Issue of FrontLine Employee

4. Resource: Home Health Agency Information Direct Mail Letter

5. Resource: Human Resource Managers Information Letter

6. Resource: Full FrontLine Packet about FrontLine Employee

7. Resource: Brochure of FrontLine Employee

8. Resource: Testimonials from Subscribers

9. Bonus for New Subscribers: The $1476 in Workplace Wellness Tip Sheets

10. Purchase Link for FrontLine Employee

11a. Free Trial of FrontLine Employee (tell me if you use this ever)

11b. Free Trial Download Link for New Trials

12. Customized Newsletter Nameplates

13. Example of layout ideas for FrontLine Employee

14. Three issues of FrontLine Employee

15. About Publisher, DFA Publishing,

16. See $1476 FREE BONUS -- Before Trial Ends!

17. Sample Newsletter

18. Up-sell of Supervisor Tips and Skills Newsletter

19. Purchase Link for FrontLine Employee Shopping Cart Online

20. Major Benefits of FrontLine Employee

Link K: (ONLY USE IF CUSTOMER SAYS, "We need a more corporate look and do not need or want an editable newsletter."
Non-Editable Corporate Version, Customized, Work Life Excel Newsletter

Link K2: Brochure for WorkLife Excel above with price information (alternative newsletter product)

Link N: How it nameplate works: Customized Professional Nameplate
Free set up of logo on masthead; $75 for professional nameplate. Free for employers over $695 (+100 Employees) Nameplate Examples

Link O: Use Mental Health Private Practice - Two subscribers per same zip code.

By sending the newsletter to their referral sources and growing that list.

Link P: Testimonials for FrontLine Employee

Telemarketing Form
(Turns Blank After Submit)
Notes from Dan

Jan. 6, 2014:
Hello everyone telemarketing. I am changing the message to one that is more generic and not just home health care employers. To that end, I have changed the message you paste and send (see change) and the download link which does not specifically state "home health care employers". However, if you are marketing to home health care employers, do state if you wish, that they are one of the most frequent callers to us.

Dec. 9, 2013: Spanish Newsletter
Version, if desired, is FREE for one year for new paid subscriber who continue, and begins with 4th issue. Sample Issue Link here: Spanish Format

Dec. 10, 2013: New Script to Test. I also own a website called So, I used that in this test script to see if it "rings better" when telemarketing. Just a test idea. You can visit the website.

You: My name is ______. I work for Is it possible to speak with the benefits manager or agency owner or director?

"What is this pertaining to."

You:  We produce an employee newsletter that is editable and customizable for internal use by employers so they can have their own newsletter program. We are phoning every home health care provider to offer a free copy and a free three-issue trial

Just a moment or we're not interested. Hang up if not interested. Don't leave VM.

Decision Maker: 

  My name is _______. I am from a company called Our primary customers are human resource managers. We produce employee and supervisor workplace wellness newsletters and turnkey, internal newsletters that are customizable. I am phoning to introduce our employee newsletter to you and offer a free three-issue trial. May I send it to you or even email a sample of it?

.... We're the only company that offers this sort of product that can be used as internal newsletter program.
.... We are the provider to thousands of companies and large employers. Out biggest is the State of New York, Washington State.
... If you Google "employee newsletter" you will see our images on page one of Google. It's called FrontLine Employee.