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Problem: You must have an employee-wellness newsletter,
but you CAN'T do it yourself on time, every time. It is too much work!

Hello, my name is Dan Feerst. This problem is precisely why I created Frontline Employee workplace wellness newsletter. No more skipped issues, getting your wellness newsletter out late, and everyone pointing the finger at you.

I have been there. I didn't solve these problems that I am sure you have experience until I started writing FrontLine Employee. Now, this publication is yours, and it will solve your most pressing newsletter writing and distribution problems.

My story: The stress was horrendous "doing" the monthly newsletter along with my other duties as an employee assistance professional. There had to be a better way. There was.

I rescued myself by writing our employee-wellness-productivity newsletter on my own time and giving it to my employer for free.

As a result of this negotiated arrangement, you can now own this newsletter.

I asked my employer to let me offer the newsletter to any company that wanted it. I would continued writing it for them on my own time, but I would own it. They agreed. I later resigned. They became my first subscriber, and now...you are here! I have now been solving people's newsletter nightmares for almost ten years..

My old employer, Arlington County Government and Public School System in Arlington, Virginia (feel free to phone them at 703-228-8720) still gets FrontLine Employee as a paying subscriber. I resigned on great terms in 2002 to run WorkExcel.com and this page to help people like you.

And everyone is invited to start for free at my expense! I will prove that I can help you.

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You will not want to stop FrontLine Employee and you will chase me down to keep it coming. (But don't worry, I won't forget about you.)

Whether your company has 10 employees or 10,000 employees, or you represent a formal employee assistance counseling firm serving a 100 businesses and thousands of employees, you'll save money and ELIMINATE ALL STRESS with the only newsletter that gives you 100% control--even the ability to have your own name for it--the FrontLine Employee.

You can even have us create your own awesome title and nameplate if you are a subscriber with 1000 or more employees accessing to your newsletter.

There are three prices for FrontLine Employee $495, $695, and $995 depending on how many employees may get it that you serve. See the shopping cart to your right.

FrontLine Employee is used by thousands of companies, large and small. It is a complete solution that eliminates the work and hassle of managing a wellness, health, and productivity newsletter for your company.

FrontLine Employee newsletter includes content written by licensed mental health professionals with decades--decades of workplace, in the trenches, "been-there-done-it-all experience".

Each month, FrontLine Employee is delivered a week early by e-mail in your choice of formats or multiple formats at no extra charge.

Whether you choose MS Word or MS Publisher, straight text, a PDF, or a PDF with your customized masthead we've created just for you, you will finally love your job again because the dread of newsletter management has ended.

No more getting behind and fooling around with your newsletter on weekends. No more surfing for article ideas on the Internet, no more writer's block, no more cussing out your newsletter!

Change, edit, or add content. Insert photos of your staff. Share company news. Or--keep everything as it is and get it out!

Never again get in trouble with your boss for a late newsletter or feel embarrassed for skipping issues with everyone pointing the finger at you.

Choose your frequency. Choose your method of distribution. Put it on your Web site, e-mail it to employees, or print the number of copies you need. Start pinching yourself because you aren't dreaming.

Do you need a professional-looking, creative newsletter name or newsletter title for the top of your employee newsletter? We will create one for you. Here are just a few we've done: Wellness Newsletter Names and Newsletter Examples for subscribers.

FrontLine Employee is a ready-to-use, turnkey, and gives you complete control. You have found the most marvelous approach to producing a health and wellness, stress-managing, productivity-boosting, company newsletter! And it is now used by over 4,000,000 employees including all the employees in Tennessee, Ohio, Washington!

What If You Could Get a Newsletter that was...

...flexible in every respect?

... turnkey and complete, fast-reading, frequent enough to do some good, inexpensive, editable in MS Word, MS Publisher, and ready to instantly use

...written by licensed mental health professionals and employee assistance experts

... printable or reproducible with no limits for your use. Also "e-mailable", website usable, focused on key issues employees face, and had your name, colors, look, logo, and a personalized nameplate on it?

... easy to add your input where you could speak with the publisher and make requests for topics in future issues.

... no "copyright marks" making it seamless with your organization.

If you are an employee assistance program or provider, only FrontLine Employee guarantees an increase in your utilization--the number of employees who seek help from your program--or a 100% refund of your subscription, even if you reach the last month. We know how to increase utilization. Our goal is helping employees and safe-guarding your employee assistance program. We then back it up with customer service like you've never seen or heard of before. Desperate for a specific article or topic? Phone us. We probably have it, can write it, or possibly send it to you--sometimes within minutes or hours.

We've written over 1600 articles for employees and supervisors.

Motivate Employees to Seek Help. Content in FrontLine Employee is designed to motivate employees to seek help for personal problems, and do it early before personal issues interfere with job performance.

Employee Newsletters are serious business. They are the most efficient and effective way of targeting specific behavioral risk issues in employment settings, and give additional help that employees can "take home".

You have Control. We recognize that you may have professional staff in your work organization. FrontLine Employee allows you to add contributions to your newsletter with its editable capability. So the secret of FrontLine Employee's success is its editable format, punchy articles, diversity of content, stronger more useful content, and two-page monthly format.

Meet Your Audience's Needs. Make FrontLine Employee fit your audience. You can create different names for the newsletter for different companies you serve to match their needs precisely. Unique work cultures? Unique products? A unique location? Create a title that fits the need. This is powerful advantage that only comes with FrontLine Employee.

The Details Done Allow us to arrange your logo and artwork on your newsletter at no additional charge, or we will create a unique masthead just for you as an option for a small one-time charge. For Example

Once you have a customized nameplate we create for you, it's easy to paste the graphic to the top of your newsletter when it arrives. We can also send your newsletter completely customized and ready to use with your logo which gives you complete "hands-off" service.

Never Worry About Deadlines

FrontLine Employee has never been late in nine years. It comes once month, and it arrives a week early--around the 21st through the 23rd. You won't worry about deadlines. No more lost sleep. And, best of all, no more ruined weekends. We've made getting a newsletter out the door fun, not crazy.

The Twelve Topics FrontLine Employee Targets

One Flat-Rate to Fit Your Needs for 12 Months, 12 Issues

Price of FrontLine Employee is based upon the size of your workforce receiving, having access to, or intended to receive the newsletter. There is no limit to distribution as long as you only use the newsletter for the employees you officially serve from the distributing office. We use an honor system for pricing. Thank you in advance for supporting it!

$495 for 1 -100 employees - smaller companies
$695 for 101-1000 employees - medium-size companies
$995 for over 1000 employees - large companies/EAP providers

What about Content and Article Ideas?

We author all content, but are guided by press releases from universities and governmental institutions. We also consider issues facing employees in the news, seasonal issues, and requests from subscribers. Our 25 years of EAP experience helps us know what to write, how to write, and how much to write about any topic.

Practical, useful, and actionable information that encourages help-seeking behavior is our specialty.

International Subscribers

Subscribers enjoy the ability to edit text to match their language, cultural, and spelling differences - Australia, South Africa, Caribbean, India, Japan


"After downsizing, right-sizing, or whatever, I now provide direct services to over 10,000 employees with no other EAP staff. FrontLine Employee (and FrontLine Supervisor) enable me to have some type of newsletter. It is a most valuable tool."
Stan Meloy, Ph.D., Director
State of Ohio
Employee Assistance Program
“By the way, emailing these newsletters is GREAT. So easy to edit, turn around, and send. Thanks for your help. Happy Thanksgiving."
Sue Kerner,
Southern New Hampshire Medical Center Nashua, New Hampshire
“We enjoy your articles each month and I thank you. I can't say enough about the two FrontLine publications we subscribe to. We are a small company who is a provider of EAP services to small and medium companies."
Marylee Nunley,
V.P. of Operations
Resource Management Services
Peoria, Illinois
"We have found the EAP Frontline Employee which we renamed, "Reap the Benefits" to be the greatest way to keep our Employee Assistance Program visible to our employees over the years. They look forward to receiving it and will contact us if we are late sending out to them. The articles wonderfully address timely issues in the workplace.
Carol Boone, Ed.D. ,
EAP Administrator
State of Tennessee Government
“The newsletter is a great hit with our EAP companies and their employees."
Sylvia Darlington
Network Services Centre
St. Michael, Barbados
"By the way, I am thrilled with the FrontLine newsletters. Excellent resource for both my supervisors and employees. Happy Thanksgiving."
Elizabeth Robinson
University of Connecticut
Farmington, CT
"After downsizing, right-sizing, or whatever, I now provide direct services to over 10,000 employees with no other EAP staff. FrontLine Employee (and FrontLine Supervisor) enable me to have some type of newsletter. It is a most valuable tool."
Ken Seaton
Civilian Employee Assistance Program Administrator Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bremerton, Washington
"This month, October '01, your two newsletters were right on target. The FrontLine Supervisor addressed the specific issues I have been helping my customers and clients with the past month. A great reinforcement."
Keith Crochiere,
EAP Network
Taunton, Massachusetts
"A great resource, especially when you need to work out a newsletter in a hurry!"
Bud Wassell
Solutions, Inc
Meriden, Connecticut
"The FrontLine Employee has been a big success for the promotion of the EAP. I have received several phone calls from employees to the EAP asking questions about the information. Keep up the good work!"
Employee Wellness Associates
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Our employees call me immediately if the FrontLine Employee is not in their office on the designated day of arrival."
Melvina MacDonald
Tallahasee Memorial Hospital
Tallahasee, Florida
"Our companies have thoroughly enjoyed receiving the FrontLine Employee. We have had several compliments and the requests for more copies."
Carolyn Rohrig,
Lincoln, Nebraska
"After years of struggling with the newsletter arena -- a fantastic solution! We can now promote our EAP services as state-of-the-art."
Marylee Nunley,
RMS, Inc.
Peoria, Illinois
"A great way to keep in touch with employees and give them useful information. Money well spent!"
Tom McMahon
U.S. Postal Service
Omaha, Nebraska
"I am always one to share good products with other peoples in our Native communities and beyond. By doing so, it permits One Feather EAP as a nationwide EAP provider to serve our contracts in good ways. As an integrated piece of our programming, WorkExcel EAP products have been very useful to the employees, Tribes, Nations, and communities we work with and for."
Rodney Haring,
LMSW (enrolled Seneca)
One Feather Consulting, LLC
"Thanks for your speedy reply. Your newsletters are of great value to us and our clients."
Eileen Crochiere
EAP Network
Taunton, Massachusetts
"Thanks for your speedy reply. Your newsletters are of great value to us and our clients."
Ken Sipes,
United Family Services EAP
Charlotte, North Carolina
look like a genius!! All of our client companies love the publication, so please don't ever stop publishing it. I could never do it on my own."
Bill Hoey,
Family Services Woodfield
Bridgeport, CT
"We value our relationship with you and really like the newsletters."
Debra Ontiveros,
El Paso, TX
"Aloha, Dan – I sent out the February Frontline Employee yesterday and got a call today thanking me for the excellent articles. She wanted to know more information on one of the stories – the Pennsylvania weight loss study – and I was able to Google the information and send her the links, but she was very thankful for the information!! Thanks for helping us look good once again!"
David Mitchell
Child and Family Service - Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
Dan has conscientiously developed software programs designed to assist EAP’s with their clients. We have found that his programs which we use for our website trainings are of superior quality featuring color graphics, and relevant information. His programs are user friendly and address all of our training needs.

Dan makes himself available and has skillfully assisted me when implementing his programs. I enjoy working with Dan and look forward to adding additional programs to our training website.
David Hugo,
D. Hugo and Associates, Inc.

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