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CD & Guide: Intervene With An Alcoholic Employee!
What to say and how to say it to get an alcoholic employee to accept help and enter treatment using appropriate and effectively applied performance-based intervention technique developed by a major hospital and used within the Washington, D.C. area in businesses needing help to salvage valuable workers with alcohol and drug problems. The technique works almost every time.
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Effective Responses Intr. Gde. 10 pages
10 pages; reprodicible for family clients
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Free Trial of FrontLine Employee Newsletter
12 Issues of FrontLine Employee in your chosen format. If you accepted a free trial, there is no cost or obligation. We will send you a continuation notice you may use as an invoice or cancel without any obligation. Fax, phone, or return with "cancel" on the invoice/continuation. You will not receive a "bill due" notice or owe us a thing.
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FrontLine Employee
Customizable, reproducible, workplace newsletter
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FrontLine Employee (Small Business)
Small business work-life newsletter emphasizing productivity, health living, managing stress, and reducing behavioral risk to the employer.
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FrontLine Supervisor
Copy sent via U.S. mail. No additional options.
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FrontLine Supervisor - (New Subscriber)
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FrontLine Supervisor w/Disk Only
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FrontLine Supervisor w/MS Publisher
FrontLine Supervisor sent in MS Publisher. Permits editing and creation of own PDF.
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FrontLine Supervisor w/Word Text
FrontLine Supervisor sent with Word document of text.
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