Employment Opportunities for Teenagers
employment-opportunities for teenagers
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Employment Opportunities for Teenagers

Employment opportunities for teenagers are difficult to come by lately, especially during the recession in the US. Youth unemployment rates are at an all time low nation-wide, which is why it is time to change the way teenagers can find employment opportunities!

In a busy schedule, rush-hour traffic, and a stressful day, people need their caffeine fixes. How many people in urban and suburban areas do you think stop at the local Starbucks drive through? Starbucks averages 4.7 million customers per day.

With all those customers, there are always employment opportunities for teenagers. Becoming a barista/coffee bartender is fun! All those drinks that people order are made by the people behind the counter. It requires customer service skills and a smile.

Chances are that even if you haven’t had previous work experience, you could still be hired for this job! Working quickly and efficiently is a must. Being on time is essential- for any job. If you describe yourself as a “people person” then becoming a barista is the perfect job for you! Go to your local Starbucks or coffee shop today!

Looking for a job that can fit around your schedule instead of the other way around? Consider Pet Sitting or establishing yourself as a Babysitter. Pets and children require care and responsibility, so this is no task for someone who lacks a love for kids and animals.

It is recommended that if you are considering babysitting, you should take a quick week-long course on pre-CPR (consider the Red Cross Babysitters Training Course)- just in case of an emergency. Again, responsibility is important, but the pay can be great! There is no tax on this payment either! And babysitting or pet sitting can be done for your neighbors, so transportation to and from work is no problem.

As a pet sitter, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the perks of working with your favorite pets, without the full responsibility of owning them. You can choose the jobs that you take on, and should only work with animals you are comfortable with. Working as a pet sitter can be quite different from other pet services, as you are responsible for the pet’s entire care while the pet owner is away.

Depending on the animal, this may include making daily (or multiple) visits to the client’s home to exercise and feed the pet, administer medication, bathe or clean up after the animal and complete any other requested tasks. If you pass out a flyer in your neighbor’s mailboxes saying who you are and your job experience—it is likely you will receive a few phone calls for employment opportunities!

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