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“FrontLine Employee has solved the daunting task of providing my small team the benefit of a customized monthly newsletter in a cost-effective way. The practical tips on work/life wellness and training are so insightful, simple, and important. Our employees are able to take ideas from this wonderful newsletter and start utilizing them immediately!” --  Meredith Rosenow, The Continental Group, Property Management

Employee Newsletter Templates
If you are looking for an employee newsletter template, go ahead and download this employee newsletter template with a free trial. We will send an editable ready-to-use newsletter in MS Word or MS Publisher. Obviously the purpose of a employee newsletter template is to make your life easier, but as you may have seen in  my section on employee newsletter design, this does not have to be complicated. Once you have a template like the above, you simply move columns around and change their size to give you a different look (but within the same theme) with each issue.

Honestly, I would recommend MS Publisher 2003 or 2007 because they are NOT complicated and overly sophisticated. And you don't need a Wall Street look. Instead you need great content. Almost 99% of companies can do anything they need to do with this real software solution--and it is already on you computer. And guess what, you have access to free pictures from Microsoft. The will give you free access to  images that you can use to spice up your newsletter--professional photographs, too. So, seek to short-cut the employee newsletter template problem with this approach..

This truly saves you a lot of time. You can buy employee newsletter templates, of course, but don't get too complicated. Some are very technical. And complicated is not what counts in this game. Employee Newsletter Content is what matters. Buy content only by faxing this page 4 back to FrontLine Employee.

In the Land of the Blind . . .
Let me give you some advice--in a situation like yours, especially if you are doing you own newsletter, go with this rule: "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." This means that your employee newsletter template does not have to be so fancy that it impresses Steven Spielsburg. Anyone in your company who is not an expert on designing employee newsletter templates will be impressed with a clean and polished look. Do you want proof? Tell me what you think of the appearance of this employee newsletter template done with MS Publisher? This can easily be converted to MS Word as well. Do you know how to to that? It is VERY easy. It's two steps, but I will show you how. MS Word templates are not as user-friendly as MS Publisher, but they can work well if you paste to them from another MS Word document or an MS Publisher document. If you try to create paragraphs or images right on your template, it can slip around and make you feel like you are all thumbs.

Go for A Clean Look, Not Complicated
Make your employee newsletter template have a nice clean look and count on your copy doing all of the heavy your lifting. However, if you really want to buy a template, you can google for several providers.

FrontLine Employee is read by over four million employees, and I have never had a complaint about its template. Sometimes subscribers yourself want a very sophisticated employee newsletter because you really must impress the corporate types upstairs. No problem, here is the newsletter I sell that was purchased by the U.S. House of Represntatives for the employees of the U.S. Congress: WorkLife Excel, my other very corporate-looking employee newsletter.

A Nameplate or Masthead Can Be Tricky, Too
will give you more aggravation is designing a employee newsletter nameplate for your template. If you purchase a subscription to FrontLine Employee, I will be happy to design a nameplate for you with any name, any colors, and give it to you so you can have a completely 100% customized look for your employee newsletter template. Normally these nameplates are $75 (but they cost me more than that). However, get a new subscription for an your employee newsletter template will have a nice polished look. There is one condition. You have to get a subscription for over 100 employees. I will have one created for you free. I only need your name, colors, logo, and web site address. See this employee newsletter template with a customized masthead.

Get a re-usable employee newsletter template each month with a subscription to FrontLine Employee. Buy now or get started here.


“Frontline Employee” has been a huge hit – and has opened more doors with the HR people I’m developing relationships with (all over the state) than you know. Drive on and keep up the great work! Heck yes! Of course you can use my “testimonial” and my name. In fact, I’d be very glad if you did. Yes, yes, yes!

Stan Meloy, Ph.D., Director
State of Ohio
Employee Assistance Program
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“By the way, emailing these newsletters is GREAT. So easy to edit, turn around, and send. Thanks for your help. Happy Thanksgiving."

Sue Kerner,
Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Nashua, New Hampshire
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“We enjoy your articles each month and I thank you. I can't say enough about the two FrontLine publications we subscribe to. We are a small company who is a provider of EAP services to small and medium companies."

Marylee Nunley, V.P. of Operations
Resource Management Services
Peoria, Illinois
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"We have found the EAP Frontline Employee which we renamed, "Reap the Benefits" to be the greatest way to keep our Employee Assistance Program visible to our employees over the years. They look forward to receiving it and will contact us if we are late sending out to them. The articles wonderfully address timely issues in the workplace.

Carol Boone, Ed.D. , CEAP
EAP Administrator
State of Tennessee Government

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“The newsletter is a great hit with our EAP companies and their employees."

Sylvia Darlington
Network Services Centre
St. Michael, Barbados