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“FrontLine Employee has solved the daunting task of providing my small team the benefit of a customized monthly newsletter in a cost-effective way. The practical tips on work/life wellness and training are so insightful, simple, and important. Our employees are able to take ideas from this wonderful newsletter and start utilizing them immediately!” --  Meredith Rosenow, The Continental Group, Property Management

Employee Newsletter Names: What to Name an Employee Newsletter...
Employee Newsletter Names, Titles, and Name Ideas
Start with brainstorming or forming a "mastermind group" to conjure up the ideal name for your newsletter. This technique in our experience remains the single best way to find discovering just the right one according to our employee newsletter customers. Don't worry we can help if you send us three things: your website, 25 words about your corporate culture, name of your company and logo. Go here to send us your information and we will gladly assist you in thinking up a newsletter name. We can also look on Google images to find your company logo.

First a little background. The right name for a newsletter can make a powerful difference in communicating your organization's values. This is what you want employees to remember and consider in day to day operations. Your customers consider your mission, but employees must be reminded about corporate values.

Consider this technique: Name ideas and newsletter titles are best generated by a "round robin" contest among employees. Have everyone submit two or three suggestions, and then let the competition begin. This can be a great morale booster.

Employees will have fun dreaming up employee newsletter names and titles. It may take a couple weeks to get through the process, but put all the suggestions gathered on a grid and seek a final result. Make this a contest (just like a Little League or Soccer Team seasonal round robin tracking chart) with everyone voting on the newsletter name or title they like best.

The value in this exercise is employees feeling as though they own the employee newsletter. Later, they are more likely to read it and suggest employee newsletter article ideas. You want these suggestions because they help you submit article ideas to us if construct your newsletter using FrontLine Employee. (Remember, FrontLine Employee is America's only "done for you" but editable and customizable newsletter.)

Another way to name or title your newsletter requires a more solitary procedure. The first step is to consider the work culture, mission of the organization, products, services, and general purpose.

Next, get a Thesaurus to brainstorm on a marker board newsletter names or title ideas that will be suitable. Next, do your own round robin after a brainstorming session. Simple look at the first name, compare it to the second. Say "ye" or "nay" and keep comparing one newsletter name to the other. Eventually you will arrive at the best choice.

Consider making your newsletter name or newsletter title only two words, or maybe three tops. This makes it punchier and more likely to be remembered and spoken of.

More than likely your newsletter is being produced with the purpose of connecting employees together (which is the goal of FrontLine Employee Newsletter) and increasing internal communication among employees with news and happenings. If so, check out all the synonyms for "communication", "awareness", "together", "cooperation", "news", "morale" "information" "knowledge" and the like.

You can begin putting these words together to see if any of them produce a great combination for your new employee newsletter name. The word "Insight" for example, might come up as a synonym for "knowledge". Perhaps you might name your newsletter (Name of Your Company) Insight.

ACME Insights might be a newsletter name you might discover for example. Yes, we will create your newsletter nameplate free (or masthead, which is not the correct word for it by the way) if you have a subscription to serve over 99 employees. Otherwise it is only $75. You can learn more about this offer at FrontLine Employee, as well. You can see a row of examples we've created for other subscribers. (The FBI just subscribed to FrontLine Employee! Welcome!)

If you already have an in-house template, we can still create your nameplate, but if you do not use us to assist you, an easy way to make your employee newsletter name stand out is to bold the first word (as shown above) and use the regular or light font for the second word in the name of the newsletter. Just start playing around with the fonts.

As mentioned, if you subscribe to FrontLine Employee, we will be happy to create a newsletter nameplate with your name. See here (scroll to bottom of page) for employee newsletter examples.

If have read this far in this article on Employee Newsletter Names, I want to thank you by letting you enjoy a FrontLine Employee subscription for your company a half off for a full year. Phone me personally to order because I do not have this offer on the shopping cart at WorkplaceNewsletters.com. 

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