Drug Education for Supervisors; Educating Supervisors about Drugs of Abuse
Drug Education for Supervisors:
Awareness Training for Reasonable Suspicion Training

Drug Education for Supervisors

When providing drug education for supervisors, it is important to remember that most employees and by inference most supervisors, are not familiar with many of the lies, scams, and strategic ways in which drug addicts maintain their active addiction without it jeopardizing their jobs or increasing their risk of getting caught.

There are many "drug paraphernalia stores that are perfectly willing to accommodate addicts. Here is an example below. Can you guess what this is? It is a crack pipe that can be purchased a head shop.

Drug education for Supervisors must include photos like this one of a
DOT Compliance Training Crack Pipe!

This drug hiding crack pipe available is available via the Internet or at your local head shop.

Objects such as this are extremely difficult to detect, and most supervisors to be honest are not going to find crack in the workplace when efforts to hide the substance is so cleverly accomplished, like what you see here in this picture.

Drug education for supervisors however must not be boring and images like this will perk up any room. That is probably the best use of this photo, nothing more.

Other objects for hiding drugs may include specially made chap-stick canisters that also quickly convert. Drug education for supervisors should also include information about alcohol use which will make an impact.

For example, did you know that the highest blood alcohol content found in a person who lived was not .10, .20, .30, or even .40. I once worked for an Addiction treatment program in Arlington Virginia, and the highest blood alcohol level ever discovered and blown into a Breathalyzer at this program on the Detox Unit was .78 BAL. This is enough to kill a Hippopotamus.

Still this is not the highest ever discovered. Drug education for supervisors should include the highest ever found. That amount was 1.5% BAL, which is 20 times legal intoxication. Are you impressed? Are you awake.

This educational content, particularly the alcohol toxicity level when included in drug education for supervisors will cause strong shifts in attitudes about alcohol, the most dangerous drug in the American workplace.

It is at least the most costly in terms of absenteeism, damaged equipment, and more. Spice up your drug education for supervisors with great images. You can find training programs like this one that includes the image above and more in the DOT Drug Alcohol Education Course to your right by completing the form. DVD, Power Point, Flash Movie and Web Course are available.
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