Creating a Company Newsletter
Here's the Fastest, Easiest, (and Laziest) Way to Make a Newsletter Every Employee Will Love Reading While You Get the Credit for Discovering It
Creating a Company Newsletter

If you are creating a company newsletter, please follow the path of others before you who have learned their lessons the hard way and offer you short-cut advice on reducing your stress with such a insidious and monumental task.

Here are the warning signs of creating a company newsletter the hard way. 1) The first issue gets out late. 2) The second issue gets out late. 3) The third issue gets out really late. And 4) you give up.

Behind all of these late issues of course is a angry supervisor, personal embarrassment, and frustration. And if you haven’t given up your weekends in between, well…you just  are not dedicated to really being miserable. So, let’s discuss the solution to creating a company newsletter that will have you floating on the clouds with never a late newsletter and virtually no work to it, but still with a personalized look and feel and content that is all yours, effective, and exciting for your employees. And is cheap!

Are you pinching yourself? Pinch away. This is no joke.

Creating a company newsletter steps. 1) Have complete control over content and edit-ability. 2) Use MS Publisher 2000 or newer. 3) Purchase content from a licensed mental health professional who is experienced with business and industry issues, employee problems, and general wellness. Choose a writer who is an employee assistance professional because the “in-the-trenches” experience is what you will get with someone aligned with or having worked in this profession. 4) Use a monthly newsletter. Quarterly newsletters and bimonthly newsletters are sheepishly apologetic, and a company wellness newsletter deserves to be in employees’ hands once per month. Don’t fall for the “employees already have too much to read line”. They don’t have enough of what you’re offering them. That's why you are creating a company newsletter in the first place. When you create a company newsletter, frequency, quality content, issue-oriented content, and short, punchy articles will get the attention your newsletter deserves. Short articles that are tightly written get read and the information is used.

You can find providers with all the criteria you need if you Google “Editable Employee Newsletters”. Good luck in creating a company newsletter you can be proud of without all the work. But you will also find what you need on this page.

Nine Reasons to Subscribe to FrontLine Employee

1. Instant relief from the stress of assembling an employee wellness newsletter for your work organization. It's ready to distribute....but you can change anything, even the title.

2. Get your life back. You're finally out of "newsletter prison" and free to do other things with your time.

3. No worry and no embarrassment about on-time distribution of your newsletter. It comes before the deadline--a week early every month.

4. End pressure, weekend work, writer's block, panic, and mad searches for article ideas on the Internet.

5. Help employees and their families deal with work-life problems. Articles include actionable tips, suggestions, guidance, and resources for more information. Use the exclusive article "HOT LINE" to request article topics that match the need of your organization. FrontLine Employee uses 90% of requested topics by subscribers.

6. Easy to test. No obligations. Request a free trial and decide three months later if the  newsletter is right for you. If you subscribe, a 100% money-back guarantee is yours if decide to cancel later.

7. No more embarrassing grammar mistakes--each  issue is professionally proofread by full time proofreading experts!

8. Save money. The newsletter is only $495 per year for a company with under 100 employees. The newsletter is $695 for companies over 100 to 1000 employees. And $995 for over 1000 employees. This is a once a year, flat rate.

9. Truly yours. Decide on your own title if you wish. Get a professionally designed nameplate (see a few here) to match your company's logo, culture, style, etc. Finally have the newsletter you want and need with none of the headaches you've experienced until now.

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FrontLine Employee is the indispensable workplace wellness newsletter that focuses on wellness, productivity tips, improving communication, resolving conflicts, improving family life, improving health, managing stress, improving the relationship with the boss, and much more.
"Thanks, I can't tell you how much our client companies appreciate what you are writing. Always a big hit with managers we work with and very helpful for them! Keep up the good work.
David Worster, Director
NH EAP Collaborative
Concord, NH

"Every month I tell my clients ...'this is particularly good issue' and every month it truly is!" This is a great resource. Thank you so much.
Elizabeth Robinson, LMFT, CEAP,
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