- Increase Program Visibility
- Increase EAP Utilization
- Educate about Vital Topics
- Add a New Service
- Gain and Maintain Management Approval for Your Program
- Improve the Value of Your Services
- Reduce Risk by Reaching Those Unlikely to Seek Help
- Reach Family Members via Your Web Site...Maybe for the First Time
- Get a Return On the Investment Made in Your Web Site

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As low as $208 with the full Media Library purchase.
Five Formats: DVD, PPT&PPT-Sound, Web Video, Autorun CD, Web Course

Educate and motivate employees to consider couples counseling to improve relationships.
Giving Couples Counseling a Try

Over 50% of marriages in this country end in divorce. Second marriages have a higher likelihood of failure. Could couples counseling (marriage counseling) help your clients beat the odds when the going gets tough? Couples counseling can improve a relationship and communication, but it can be hard work. This education program educates employees and facilitates their call to your program to learn more from you.

How to Purchase: 1) Phone 1-800-626-4327 to order; 2) Use secure shopping cart;

Price: $397 Or . . . Get It for: $208 with WorkExcel.com's Media Library Subscription 2012  This price will increase in the near future.

Time: 10 Full Minutes of Content (See It Now); Five media formats including DVD, Flash Video for Web site, Self-play CD, Power Point with sound and Power Point without Sound

New Extremely Cool Optional Feature: If you a specific location, tip sheet, or brochure on your website, and you would like to take employees there after viewing the video, just give us the link and we will insert it for $25. We will then generate the flash movie and email or send it to you ready to upload to your website.
What this Product Will Do for You:
  • Educates and motivates employees or family members to consider couples counseling.
  • Increases utilization of your employee assistance program because employees are encourage to contact you.
  • You own this product. There are no leasing fees, subscription fees, or additional costs. You own it. You control it.
  • Email the link to a client anytime, anywhere.
  • Educate family members by encourage them to visit your web site and enjoy the educational offerings you offer.
  • Improve program worth and show your capability.
  • Intervene more efficiently with this critical problem that increases risk to organizations and productivity loss
  • Train more efficiently and with an enhanced professional look.
  • Demonstrate the technological capability of your Web site, especially with the new embedded PDF option available with this product.
  • Improve the return on investment from your Web site.
  • Save money and time on training while reaching more people
  • Train and educate 24 hours a day
  • Use the accompanying self-play CD at health fairs or other places where you need portability and don't have access to the Internet
  • Reach employees in the field -- the ones that are most underserved
  • Only $397 or $208 with purchase of the media package, and you own it! No linking to WorkExcel.com.
Options: Flash Video for Web Site - Flash Video CD - Power Point -
Power Point with Sound - D

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*Get this product for $183 (save nearly 60%) when you purchase our growing library of 12 topical employee videos as we release them over the coming months through October 2010. The full library price will increase as we issue more videos during the year.

This Online Employee Video Library energizes and enhances your Web presence, and makes use of and shows off your Web site's ability to help employees. Management will recognize that you are tackling difficult issues that affect productivity, safety, morale, and the bottom line. A key objective in each topical video is increasing EAP utilization. We do this by using the final slides to focus what the EAP can do.

Learn more here about the discount!

Partial Outline of this Product
  • Could couples counseling help?
  • Tough work, but can be worth it
  • Should you give it a try?
  • Waiting can make it tougher
  • Avoid couples counseling as a last ditch effort
  • Go when determined, not desperate
  • Common feelings and challenges
  • Conflicts and unmet emotional needs
  • Approaches to counseling
  • Communication, Resentments, Letting Go
  • Unrealistic expectations and exploring personal issues
  • What happens in sessions
  • Normal couple behavior in counseling
  • Communication and closeness
  • Couples and Goals
  • Getting clarity on your goals
  • More...
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