company newsletter for workplace wellness
company newsletter for workplace wellness
Managing Risks with Company Newsletters

Risks and productivity are closely linked, and no company would want to be on the high-risk-side of things. The equation is simple, if you are experiencing low productivity, then you know there must have been high risk (in most cases).

When you keep your employees informed with newsletters, you position the company as a whole against unnecessary risks. When employees are saying “I didn’t know that” then your Company Newsletters are attaining exactly what they were put out for.

In reducing risks, employees must be informed, with Company newsletters, you will over achieve in the area of risk control. Every company has a set of rules that employees must abide by, while it may be hard for employees to remember many of these, Company Newsletters will help keep your employees up-to-date while refreshing them on old rules at the same time.

Company newsletters will allow you to elaborate on the types of risks that exist, which in turn will allow your employees to recognize them. The risks you seek to avoid may be either legal or financial; and financial risks may be of two sorts; direct or indirect.

Furthermore, company newsletters will help to keep employees and management informed of all applicable laws and regulations, which in turn would help you to avoid unnecessary exposure to financial risks. Newsletters also help to keep employees aware of the consequences that result from discrimination and harassment. Informing your employees of financial risks is simple as informing them of the consequent effect of such risk, indirect financial risk may be fines or court costs related; one which may arise from on the job harassment and discrimination. Managing financial risks will also include indirect financial risks, one that leads to reduced productivity; examples include absenteeism and reduced employee performance.

Good Company newsletters will also emphasize workplace safety, injury prevention and recovery. Though risk management may be seen as only affecting the managerial segment of a company, the key is to gain and hold your employees attention by informing them of how risks will affect the company as whole. (e.g., reduced spending, lay offs, e.t.c). When you devote time to newsletters, you set in place a mechanism for success in that risks are addressed.

When employees are well informed of a particular risk, they will avoid that risk. When employees are aware of a company’s do’s and don’ts, risks are generally reduced. 

WorkLife Excel is your answer to great company newsletter and we will live by the topics and goals outlined above. Get a free trial to WorkLife Excel company newsletter here. We will email to you a pricing brochure with all the options explained along with past issues.

Daniel Feerst, LISW, Publisher-in-Chief
Executive Editor and Founding Publisher 1-800-626-4327

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WorkLife Excel® is a company newsletter to improve workplace communication, productivity, and wellness. Chosen by the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Small Business Administration for their own employees, and companies nationwide (including Canada), it is now available to you.

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"Work Life Excel has been a fantastic upgrade from our previous newsletter formats. The contemporary graphics and concise, easy-to-read articles catch the attention of the employers and thousands of employees we service, and they have shared their positive comments with us. This is great exposure for our EAP. Thanks for a great product."

Mike Moore
Senior Account Representative
WellSpan EAP
York, Pennsylvania

"When I distributed WorkLife Excel newsletter, my companies instantly saw a true corporate-level publication and positive view of my EAP company. Employees love it! You can instantly tell the articles are written by an EAP pro. Dan, awesome job! Thanks!"

Joe Lemmon, LCSW-C, CEAP, SAP, President
HR Workplace Solutions, Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland

"Dan, thanks for your professional work. Your WorkLife Excel newsletter is getting rave reviews from our clients. We are very proud to have our name on it!"

Clancy Yeager, EAP Manager
The Phoenix Connection
Perrysburg, OH

"Dan, WorkLife Excel has given me the opportunity to reach all employees I serve. The information is timely and useful! The topics address issues faced by both employees AND managers."

Jim Seng, EAP Manager
Warren Hospital
Warren, New Jersey

"...WorkLife Excel has excellent content, a very professional looking appearance, and reflects well on you and the entire Office of Employee Assistance (U.S. Congress EAP). Thank you to all of you for taking the time to deliver such a high quality product!" "Let Dan Feerst know how his content has resonated with [management office]."

Executive Management (name withheld by request)
U.S. Architect of Capitol for the EAP serving the U.S. Congress

"I rely on you and your publications more than you know. My employees love it! So do I. Great Job!"

Patti Matthews
Comprehensive Worklife Solutions

"Each month WorkLife Excel has helped our EAP get closer to employees and to management. The newsletter is fantastic looking, people look forward to getting it, and the writer is obviously a well-practiced professional, not a "free lancer". I totally agree that its articles do deliver more useful and actionable information to employees, and it's helped our EAP utilization. Awesome product."

Scott Andrews, Director
Federal Government (name withheld from web site)
Employee Assistance Progra
"Work-Life-Excel and DFA Publishing has been an excellent resource to our client companies. The feedback from our clients has been superb both with regard to the FrontLine Supervisor newsletter and our Work-Life Excel newsletter. Thank you for all your support over the last 10 years."

Rob Baldino, LCSW, MBA, CEAP, SAP
Care Plus Solutions

"Work-life-Excel consistently has something of value to offer our employees each month.  It has proven to be a very valuable resource for our employees who seek information in resolving issues that can help them perform better in their jobs or live more productive lives.  It never ceases to amaze me with how much useful information is often provided with each issue which include articles  promoting health and wellness, personal growth and development, healthy lifestyles, and nutrition and fitness. Also, timely tips and appealing graphics offer enjoyable and thought provoking articles on relationship issues, aging, care giving, parenting, loss & grief, separation, blended families, substance use and abuse, and much more! 

Work-Life-Excel is  the single most useful, helpful and informative resource that I know of.  It is one of the best publications out there. Keep up the good work."

Denise Lee
Senior Employee Relations Specialist
U.S. Small Business Administration
Office of Disaster Assistance

Hey, Dan I finally got around to sending out WorkLife Excel newsletter to associates via pdf. I immediately began to get favorable comments. I waited a few days and sent out the tool box by inter department mail and have received numerous positive comments! One of the mangers said she loved it and was going to use parts of it for her unit conference.

Mike Hargrave, EAP
Christus St. Michael Health System
Texarkana, TX

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